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It can be a few different things causing that to happened. It can be a fuel filter, if it happens when climbing hills. It can be a vaccuum leak with your egr valve or pcv valve may be plugged or stuck closed. The EGR can also be not operating because maybe the vaccuum line is off or has a hole in it. These all can cause a vehicle to stall and be hesitant during acceleration. First thing, is to notice when it happens and what it does at that given moment or situation. After knowing when it happens you will be able to take care of your problem a little bit easier to fix it. If you need more please ask again and I will try to help as much as I can thru this problem.

AnswerCheck your air mass meter too. filwayusa

I had the same problem with my Nissan altima 1993, i changed my spark plugs and fuel filter and it greatly improved, but then my battery died :(

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Q: Why would a 93 Altima stall or hesitate when trying to accelerate from a stop and when the gas is floored it is hard to get it over 30 KMH?
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