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Why would a 93 Ford Tempo engine light come on after it has been driven 6 miles or more but not at start up?

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Because the engine's electronics has gone into "closed loop" and one of the sensors is malfunctioning and/or sending a faulty reading to the PCM. Take the car somewhere that can use a code reader to find out what has gone wrong.

2005-01-15 06:43:27
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How many miles can a 2003 Nissan xterra be driven after the fuel light comes on?

I have a 2001 Xterra which gets poor mileage and I have driven over 30 miles after the light came on on the highway.

Why would the engine light come on after about 30 miles then go out after sitting about 8 hours and is OK until driven 30 miles again even though the odb box has been reset?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What is the average amount of miles able to be driven on a duramax diesel engine?

With proper preventative maintainance 500-700,000 miles.

Service engine soon light on 1999 Firebird what may be causing it?

My service engine soon light came on a day two ago, I have driven the car about 20 miles since it came on. Today, the light just went out. The vehicle is running good. What would cause the light to come on, and why would it just go out on its own?

Is 120000 miles in 4 years bad for a diesel engine?

Strictly speaking, even a single mile is bad for an engine, since wear begins from the first revolution of the crankshaft. The answer to the question you are asking is, unfortunately, "it depends". An engine driven 120,000 miles could be in better shape than one driven only 12,000 miles depending on things such as loading, maintenance, and driving technique.

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How many miles does a Chevy lumina engine last?

That question is impossible to answer. It depends on many factors. How the engine is serviced and maintained, how it is driven, and the climate it is driven in. If properly maintained with quality parts, according to the recommendations in your owner's manual, and driven with care, it could easily last 200,000 miles without major repairs. But you never know with a mechanical device such as an internal combustion engine. Parts can fail at any time even if they are serviced properly. There is No guarantee!

When your car hit 150000 miles the check engine light came on is this coincidence or is the car programmed to have the engine maintenance at 150000 miles?

its a coincidence that the light came on exactly at 150k. if the check engine light comes on then the computer senses a trouble code that must be checked out and repaired

How long does the engine last on Honda si?

Depends on how the engine was maintained and how the vehicle was driven. It is was serviced regularly according to the manufactures recommendations and driven normally and not abused it should last over 200,000 miles with no major repairs. It could last even over 300,000 miles. It really depends on many factors.

What does the Lexus maintenance light for rx 330mean?

This Lexus maintenance light illuminates every 5,000 miles driven on the vehicle. This is a reminder light that will indicate when maintenance service is needed.

How do you reset your check engine light?


What engine oil for a 2003 suzuki grand vitara 2ltr td?

I would say every 3000 miles if driven in rough conditions otherwise 6000 miles

How do you turn off chech engine light 2004 Toyota corolla after oil change?

1)Turn on ignition and set odometer to show miles driven (not miles since last fill-up). 2) Turn ignition off. 3) While holding down odometer reset button, turn ignition back on. 4) Hold odometer reset until check engine light clears.

What are you to do if your service engine light is on you purchased it about week ago It has 75 thousand miles on it?

Er....Get the engine serviced?

What is the average life of a 2013 Honda odessy engine?

If all maintenance is performed on this engine according to the owners manual then you can expect this engine to last at least 200,000 miles or more. That is assuming the engine is not abused and is driven normally.

How many miles to reset check engine light?

It is driving cycles not miles. It varies from manufacture to manufacture.

What is the problem when the oil pressure light in 1997 Buick Lesabre with 160000 miles blinks on and off when car is idle it goes out when car being driven?

The engine main and/or rod bearings are worn. Change to a heavier grade oil (higher viscosity number) and the light should stop flickering so much. If you do that you can make the engine last a little longer, but the engine is definitely getting tired.

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora code PO753 758 1860 and corresponding check engine light on. Intermittently selects high or low speed transmission bucking then check engine. usually occurs at 100 driven miles?

all 3 codes lead to the trans

How many miles do you need to drive to pass emission test after resetting check engine light?

50 miles

On a 2002 f150 check engine light is on with only 53000 miles?

* It could be a faulty check engine light or a light sensor problem . There's probably not a problem with the engine at all just the faulty sensor light problem most likely. * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If your check engine light stays on with the engine running , a malfunction with the emission control system has been detected. Have your vehicle scanned for any trouble codes in order to diagnose and repair the problem. ( I had a check engine light come on at 35000 miles - in my case it turned out to be the DPFE sensor )

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How many miles is it safe to drive your car after the check engine light comes on?

It is safe to drive you car for at least one mile after the check engine light comes on.