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Why would a 94 Camry that sat in the cold for 7 days and was hard to start hesitate when you step on the gas?


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2005-01-12 18:32:12
2005-01-12 18:32:12

I thought a full tank would help but after I filled the tank, the problem has WORSENED. Its very difficult to start it now as it knocks like crazy. The car idles smoothly sometimes esp. before engaging the drive gear, after that it simply stalls. If the filter is clogged then the car would not start at all. Right? Please suggest. Thanks. check to see if your fuel filter is clogged..also might need a fuel pump


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all engines hesitate when cold they need to get to proper running temp

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It can be battery, faulty coolant temperature sensor, faulty cold start injector, malfunctioning fuel system, injector leaking.

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i would let set over night for a cold start check.

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People that have the common cold would be a good place to start.

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