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I thought a full tank would help but after I filled the tank, the problem has WORSENED. Its very difficult to start it now as it knocks like crazy. The car idles smoothly sometimes esp. before engaging the drive gear, after that it simply stalls. If the filter is clogged then the car would not start at all. Right? Please suggest. Thanks. check to see if your fuel filter is clogged..also might need a fuel pump

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โˆ™ 2005-01-12 18:32:12
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Q: Why would a 94 Camry that sat in the cold for 7 days and was hard to start hesitate when you step on the gas?
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Why does 95 talon turbo hesitate when cold?

all engines hesitate when cold they need to get to proper running temp

I have a Cold start problem with a 89 Camry 2.0 what can it be?

It can be battery, faulty coolant temperature sensor, faulty cold start injector, malfunctioning fuel system, injector leaking.

In cold weather why would my 1995 2.2 L Toyota Camry refuse to start one day and start immediately the next day with the engine turning over quickly in both cases?

It sounds like you have water in your tank. Use dry gas.

How long does an auto have to sit to have a cold start?

i would let set over night for a cold start check.

What is the tire air pressure for 1999 Camry?

30, cold

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30 psi, when it's cold.

Why does a 1994 Lincoln town car hesitate and backfire only on a cold start?

It is most likely the mass air flow sensor that is going bad. I had a similar experience and replaced the maf and that did the trick.

Why would your 98 explorer hesitate to accelerate and kill at 2000 RPM after a cold air intake is installed?

There must be a restriction within the intake. Snow? ice? Mark

Where is the cold start valve 1990 5.0 bronco?

Cold Start Valve. Cold start valve. I do not believe there exists a "cold start valve"

What would cause a car not to start in cold weather?

Have your battery tested. It could have a bad cell in it or not enough cold cranking amps. This is a simple fix. Batteries usually start about $40+. That is what I would do.

What would cause a 1994 Buick Lesabre to start hard when cold and start and run fine when warm when cold must crank a while before it will start?

check igntion coils

What else can you do to solve a cold start problem and poor gas mileage other than replacing the spark plugs wires distributor cap air filter and cold start valve on your 1989 Toyota Camry 4-cylinder?

It could be the Tw sensor , or ur fuel enjactor dirty

Why would you sometimes lose the power steering on your 1996 Toyota Camry?

Have had the same problem in the mornings or when the engine is cold. I suspect the power steering belt is slipping.

Why Camry loud exhaust in cold weather?

Your Camry might have a loud exhaust in the winter weather because of damaged or weakened exhaust gaskets or manifold gaskets. The cold weather causes these gaskets to shrink which makes the vehicle sound louder.

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Where is the thermostate located on 2002 Camry?

buy 134A freon (12oz) it will came with a charging hose it will connect to the low prssure side ( the biger pipe )start the engine and start the a.c as you charge the ac touch the pipe it will get cold when the pipe start to fill wet stop. good luck

Why your 940 Volvo will not start cold?

were is locate the cold start valve

What might cause that Toyota Camry 2000 running too cold?

Thermostat is stuck open.

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How long would it take 10 gallons of cold water to freeze at -0.5 degrees centigrade?

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Why is your radiator reservoir overflowing on your 98 Camry?

Most likely because you have added to much coolant when it was cold.