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Why would a 95 Camry stall at stops but once restarted run fine?

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βˆ™ 2004-10-18 11:35:10

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Check the EGR valve. It sounds like your EGR valve is staying open. An EGR valve that is open at idle will cause a car to stall. An EGR should be closed at idle and open when you are driving around.

2004-10-18 11:35:10
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Why would your car trust back and forth and stall at stops?

EGR is pluged!

What can cause a 2005 Mazda MPV to stall while driving and can be restarted immediately this happens frequently?

I had the same problem. It would stall out after coasting down a hill. Cleaned the throttle body about six months ago. Has not stalled since then.

What would cause a car with an automatic transmission to shake then stall then start fine when restarted - happens about once a month?

well it could be more than likely the flywheel is loose or warped check that first

Why would your 94 stall for no reason?

The first thing I would try would be cleaning the throttle body with some carb and choke cleaner. When they get really dirty it can cause you to stall at slow speeds. On my 93 there is a Crank Shaft Position sensor. Mine started to melt and the jeep stalled at weired times for a week. If your jeep has a lock up solenoid in your tranny and its stuck on, then you will stall at stops Not sure about a 94, but my 2000 would stall while driving at highway speeds. Dealer replaced the oxygen sensor and it fixed the problem.

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Did you replace the fuel filter as well? A plugged filter will cause the engine to stall.

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What would cause a 2007 Camry hybrid to stall while driving?

Because the car is new, there is a really high chance that is computer's fault. I would not go there. You have almost new car, just bring it back to the dealer and let it be his headache.

Would a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Will a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry

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does my 1996 pontiac ga stall out in park

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What would cause a 2000 Honda Civic EX to stall when it stops?

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What would cause a 1997 V6 Toyota Camry automatic to stall due to low or zero rpm when at complete stop?

I was having the same trouble with my '89 Camry, try switching out your distributer cap and rotor, also check out your spark plugs AND wires. I replaced all of the above listed and have'nt had any trouble since. Good luck!

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