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Why would a 95 Olds Aurora sometimes say 'clean key-wait 3 minutes' when you try to start it?

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Your key probally has a chip in the key (a little black chip with silver in the middle) Take a pencil eracer and rub both sides of the chip. the wait three minuets is part of a security system. * I had that exact same problem. drove me crazy! I took my car to the dealership "morgan Pontiac" for took look at it. They blamed my remote start and that they wanted to disconnect it to run more test but they would have to charge me $85 at first but i told them it did once before, prior to my remote start. they continued to check my car repeatedly. then they finally figured out it was my "ignition lock cylinder" and it had to be replaced. it would cost $500! Brake-O did for around three hundred and i got two fresh keys cut. The only problem i had with them is that they disconnected my remote start and didn't tell me. After confronting them they said that it contributed to my car acting up. I told the professionals that installed my remote start and they said that was bulls***. They said that would hook it back up for only $35.

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cause its having trouble reading the chip in the key,,im sure your security light was on too when it happened...

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* you can leave it in your car with ioce bags for 3-4 hours when you are going to get some more stoft

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