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im having the same problem im gonna try the crank position sensor today because ive already tried the camshaft position sensor but you should try them both good luck you might need it

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โˆ™ 2009-03-23 18:08:06
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Q: Why would a 95 eclipse have cranking problems and cut itself off while driving down the road?
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Y does my eclipse keeps terning off by itself when im driving some times it just terns off in if i start it again it terns on again it only does it some times?

sounds like you need to have the cam position sensor replaced

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Is a 1993 motor interchangable with a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Motor itself, yes. My need to exchange flywheel.

1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gs cutting out vehicle sputters and dies out will be driving and it will suddenly die then catch itself and run again with no problem over 4100 rpms is this the mpi relay?

Hi there I'm no car expert but my Mitsubishi Eclipse 95 was giving me the same problem, after 2 months of mechanics trying to figure it out they discovered it was the fuel filter so probably u should have that checkedToni

Which way do you turn a crankshaft bolt on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The crankshaft itself will turn the opposite way to the bolt.

Where is the IAT Sensor Plug on a 99 Eclipse?

if its a n/t its at the back of the intake manifold that plug all by itself

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You need to call a Mitsubishi dealer or Mitsubishi itself if you want to find it out.