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Why would a 96 Escort never reach operating temp and cool down to cold while driving and the heater will blow warm air at first and then cool even after you put in a new thermostat and changed coolant?


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2007-12-09 22:37:57
2007-12-09 22:37:57

cool hello


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Could be,Low on coolant.Cooling fan or fans not operating correctly.Coolant circulation restricted (blockage inside radiator).Sticky or stuck thermostat.Air circulation through radiator restricted (blockage outside radiator).

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1) Low coolant level? 2) Radiator restricted with leaves or other debris? 3) water pump not circulating coolant properly? 4) defective thermostat? 5) system airbound? 6) coolant fan (if any) not operating? 7) radiator hoses collapsing?

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check water pump maybe broke and then check the head gasket may be blown

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