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Keep in mind the #1 problem with these vehicles is fuel pumps. As the fuel pump gets weak it can still allow the car to run but, it will have starting problems like you mentioned. Have the pressure tested.

Sounds like broken fuel pressure regulator. it is loccated on driver side of engine with vacuum hose to it and a clamp similar to ac hose connector clamp. If diaphragm is broken in this regulator it will allow raw gas to "flood the engine" when the engine is warm. When the engine has time to cool, the extra gas evaporates.

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How do you Reset oxygen sensor dodge ram 1500?

The oxygen sensor can not be reset and must be replaced if defective.

How do you reset factory alarm on 2007 Chevy Tahoe?

i does not have a control i need to replaced it

How do you reset airbag sensor for 2002 Chrysler?

It can not be reset, failed parts must be replaced.

How do you reset the low windshield washer fluid light in a 2001 Tahoe when its full?

Should reset when fluid added--may be defective sensor in reservoir

Does a 98 expedition Oxygen sensor need codes when replaced?

Just reset your computer after replacing the O2 sensor.

How do you reset brake wear indicator on mini cooper?

The brake wear indicator is a non-reusable sensor that is installed in the brake pad. If this sensor is activated then the entire sensor must be replaced. Parts are available on-line if you are not close to a MINI dealership. After the worn sensor is replaced, you turn the key to position II without starting the car and wait for the light to reset. The sensor can be replaced without removing the caliper.

How do you reset the coolant light on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Fill your coolant to the level that it should be at. If it still comes on when the coolant is at its proper area, then it is an improper sensor. You will need to have it replaced immediately to reset the sensor.

How do you reset the oxygen sensor on a 2003 Ford Windstar?

If an 02 sensor has failed, it can only be replaced. See "Related Questions" below for more

Can you pull out the obd- fuse to reset the abs sensor?

No, the abs is separate from the diagnostic plug fuse. If a sensor has failed, it will need replaced.

What is the srs light mean on Honda Pilot?

seat belt sensor needs to be replaced

How do you reset computer on 2003 Tahoe after replacing knock sensor?

You need an OBD-II code reader. Some parts stores can do it for free if you do not have this tool.

What would cause a rich reading on the O2 sensor 93 Saturn SL2 Have replaced sensor reading persists?

Have you replaced your air filter lately? If not, try that, reset the computer by unplugging the battery and see if it clears the code.

1997 JGC Laredo You have had the coolant sensor replaced but it still tells you that the coolant level is low does the computer need to be reset If so how is it done.?

There are two separate sensors that play here. the "coolant temperature sensor" and "coolant LEVEL sensor". I suggest confirming which of these was replaced, as it is very common for them to be confused. likely you will find the coolant sensor that was replaced was the one on the engine (temperature); The LEVEL sensor is mounted either in the coolant resivoir or in the radiator. Probably just need the proper sensor replaced.

Where is fuel reset on 01 Tahoe?

It does not have one.

How do you reset the oxygen sensor?

An Oxygen sensor does not reset. You have to replace them and yes they are expensive.

How do you reset the change engine oil on your 2001 Tahoe?

on your 2001 Tahoe the change oil light is tripped by a sensor in the main frame computer. my suggestion is to take it to your nearest dealership and have then reset it . this should solve your problem Turn ignition on but don't start, press gas pedal to floor three times. This should do it.

Replaced the upstream oxygen sensor and knock sensor but car still stalls?

maf sensor or idle air control/ecm. force-clean fuel injectors and reset engine timing and base idle

How do you reset gas water heater stuck in lockout?

Most of the controls on gas water heaters have a one time use overheat sensor that when tripped cannot be reset, the control has to be replaced.

How do you reset brain after crank shaft position sensor has been replaced?

i normally disconnect the battery for a few seconds, or pull the battery fuse, or buy a code reader and reset it that way

Getting error code 1391 on 2000 caravan replaced cam sensor and reset returned the next day any suggestions?

Try changing the CRANK SHAFT Position Sensor.

How do you reset a warning light on a Chevy Tahoe?

If the warning lights go off in a Chevy Tahoe, it indicates a problem. In order to reset these lights the problem must be solved.

How do you I reset the tire pressure warning in my chevrolet tahoe?

The light should extinguish itself after inflating the offending tire to the correct pressure. If it does not, you probably have a bad tire pressure sensor.

How do you reset an ac in a 1998 Tahoe?

There is no reset on any car or truck. You are probably low on refrigerant.

How do you reset the throttle position sensor?

how do you reset the throttle position sensor on a Ford Taurus 3.8 1992

Reset brake wear sensor indicator?

Replace brake pads Thank you Captain Obvious. Can we get a real answer now? I replaced my brake pads and sensor is still lit. Trying to avoid disconnecting my battery.

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