Why would a 97 Chrysler Sebring engine just quit when running It acts like it has flooded you turn it over a couple of times it then starts as if nothing was wrong Happened four times in two weeks?

I had the same prolbem with my 95. I replaced the powertrain control modual with one from the junkyard for $50. I bought the car with 150,000 miles and the guy I bought it from said he had to replace it once before that. they must have a prolbem with them.

I had the same problem with my 1996 Sebring convertible and had to change 3 of the sensors one was the MAP and the CRANKSHAFTsensor , and CAMSHAFT sensor. Once those were changed to new ones it ran great !!!. But I found the answer on one of these sites. As a few hundred people had the very same problem with the car stalling all the time and would not restart unless the car had sat for a long time ( thinking it was time enough for the engine to be cold) But then would stall again after the car got warm. On mine I changed the gas filter, the fuel pump( that has a relay or sensor already in the part) the map sensor, and the idle sensor( I think) its been a year sence I have done this. I just wanted to write and let others know that we have all had this problem and Chrysler just wants to push it under the rug. I have seen others that wrote they took there cars to the dealership and they couldn't find the problem or put a bunch of parts on and it still had the same problem. Which out of all the parts I put on trying to fix this one issue then going to Google and searching for trouble shooting 1996 sebring convertable I found the answer there, it took awhile of rading others problems and fixes but I finally found the right combination to fix this problem and the cost was about 200.00 as I did the labor myself.

The Advanced Auto Store was very helpfull in helping me locate where the part was located and helped put it on if it was on under the engine. But they are great as far as helping. Just look again on the Google and you will find the two parts to buy to fix this issue for good, and finally. Hope this helps out !!!!!!