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This issue may be the battery, I had a 87 Accord with the same issue and some of the Honda models have a battery that uses water mixed with acid and the water level may be off. Sorry but that answer is full of crap. Depens, when you start it does it run fine, is the little battery light on , in the instrument cluster? if so your alternator is not charging. thus the car is running off the battery til it does not have enough power to support the ecu. But it seems diff in this case. Could be a vary, for one is there a check engine light? The distributor may and possibly be malfunctioning, on warm up its fine but when its near operating temp the dist will adjust the timing a bit , but it may just shut out, (internal ignition control module) can you explain more to what its doing? Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon There was an ignition-switch recall for this model. A faulty ignition switch could cause either a failure of the starting systems or could cause the loss of spark and/or fuel pressure, both of which are vital, obviously. When the car will not start, does the engine turn-over? If so, then it's a loss of spark or fuel pressure. On Accords, the three compnents are the fuel injection main relay, the ignitor module, and the ignition switch. Listen carefully when you turn the ign switch to the ON position. You should hear a brief whirr that lasts for about 10 seconds or so. that is the in-tank fuel pump pressurizing the system. If there is no sound, then the ign switch/main relay/ fuel pump is suspect. If the problem happens ONLY on hot days (car parked in the sun) and not on cool days, then it's the under-dash fuel injection main relay.

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Q: Why would a 97 Honda Accord start fine but after a few minutes the engine will die and not start until you give it a few minutes?
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How do you replace a timing belt on a 96 Honda Accord?

96 Honda Accord has an interference engine. Replace the Cam belt wrong and you have serious engine damage when you start the vehicle. For this reason you should seek the help of a professional.

Block heater Honda Accord?

A block heater for a Honda Accord helps to quickly raise the temperature of the car to the proper heat level. This allows for a quicker engine start-ups.

How do you change timing belt on a 1997 Honda Accord EX?

The Honda Accord engine of this year is an interference engine. Install this belt incorrectly, start the engine, and it will suffer damage. For this reason, I suggest you take it to a professional or buy a repair manual so you can do it right.

92 Honda Accord when you start it it runs for a few minutes then dies what could be the problem?

There are several things that can cause your 1992 Honda Accord to start and then die out. The most common cause is an inconsistent flow of fuel. This can be caused by a dirty fuel filter.

1992 Honda Accord starter?

How do u know if a start went off on a 1992 Honda accord.

What it is the meaning if your engine light flashes 7 times when you start a Honda accord 2000 ex?

It can only mean one thing "Check your engine"

Troubleshoot 90 Honda Accord that at surgs at idle?

'90 Honda Accord will start but shut off. What could this problem be?

Why is your 2001 Honda Accord v6 not starting?

A 2001 Honda Accord V6 may not start when the battery is bad, there is no fuel, or the ignition system is defective. A bad starter will also prevent the engine from turning over during starting.

How do change the timing belt on a 1989 Honda accord?

The engine in your Accord is an interference engine. For that reason alone, it is critical the belt be replaced correctly. Do it wrong and there will be severe engine damage as soon as you start the engine. Therefore, I recommend you have the belt replaced by a professional. This is not a job for a novice.

Why does your 1999 Honda accord squeal when you start it?


How do you replace timing belt for honda accord 2002?

If you do not know how to do this then leave this job to a professional. Do it wrong and try to start the engine and you will have internal engine damage as this is an interference engine. Not a job for a novice.

Why would a 97 Honda accord not start?

There are a few reasons a 1997 Honda Accord may not start. It is possible that the battery is dead or that it is out of gas. Another possibility is that the starter is worn out.

How do you put the timing belt on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

This is an interference engine and as such if you do this repair incorrectly you will have engine damage when you attempt to start the vehicle. I recommend you have this done by a professional.

Why would a 1998 Honda accord start then engine dies if you don't keep giving it gas?

Your idel speed my be set too low.

1992 Honda Accord wont start. The engine doesn't turn over but there is power when you turn the ignition.?

Bad starter or weak battery.

Removing and replacing a timing belt in a 95 Honda accord?

Do it wrong and you will suffer severe engine damage the instant you start the engine. So leave this repair up to a professional.

What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

Why does 1994 Honda Accord Engine run when switch is in start position but not in run position?

ignition swithc could be broken, I suggest you have it looked at to be sure

Can you start Honda accord with the spare key that has no remote and drive it?


Can you manually prime the pump on a 93 Honda Accord LX to start the engine?

Try turning the key on (without engine running) for about 5 sec. do this twice it may prime fuel pump

Why is 1994 Honda Accord Lx hard to start when weather is hot?

crank no start hot weather1991 Honda accord no start hot . but will start for a second with starting fluid . not getting fuel

How much oil does a honda accord lx hold?

Almost all Honda's V6 or 4 cylinder hold 4.5 quarts. Change the oil/filter, add 4 quarts, start the engine, shut down, wait 30 minutes and check the oil level. Add as necessary to reach the full mark.

Why won't your Honda accord lx start?

because you touch yourself at night.

Do you need a special key for Honda accord 2001 in order for it to start?