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Make sure you have the wires on the right plugs. Also check to make sure you didn't mess up the coil wires.

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Q: Why would a 97 KIA Sephia sputter and stall after a tune up and belts being changed?
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When should the timing belts be changed on a 2001 Mitsubishi galant?

When should the timing belts be changed on a 2001 Mitsubishi, Galant?

Why do my belts squeak after it rains?

Probably due to slipping when they get wet. Your belts might need to be changed.

When did Honda 4 cylinder motors change from timing belts to timing chains?

The Accord changed from a belt to chain in 2003. The Civic changed from belt to chain in 2006. Prior to that they all had belts.

Why would a 99 sephia squeal after changing belts water pump and powersteering pump?

After I had my belts replaced my a/c belt squealed the next day. But I returned to have it adjusted (mechanic said it probably would need it) and it's been fine since. Belts loosen up just a bit when new, I was told.

How do you change all the belts on a 1998 Kia Sephia?

I can't really say for sure about a '98, but I have a 99, and you just loosen the bolts on the alternator, move it forward, and switch old and new belts. Push the alternator back (with a rod) and retighten the bolts.

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How do you put a belt on a 1996 Kia Sephia?

There are two different belts a 96 SEPHIA requires. They are turned by a double pully wheel. The alternator and water pump belt is the rear one. The alternator adjusts with a 9 or 10 MM box wrench. The air and power steering is the front. It is adjusted with AC compressor.

When do timing belts need to be changed on a 2000 Honda?

every hundred thousand miles

How often should the timing chain be changed on a 2000 Zafira DTi Elegance?

Timing chains never need to be changed, only belts.

Your 1999 voyager is making a loud screaling noise after the belts were changed why how do you fix it is it the pulley barrens and how do you fix it?

When we changed the belts on our '94 Grand Voyager the belts made the most awful sqealing noise. We "lubricated the belts with a drop of dawn dish soap and the sqealing went away. You can also try belt dressing. If that doesn't work... the people at Auto Zone are very helpful in explaining how to change the bearings youself.

Did a 1964thunderbird come with seat belts or was it an option?

I believe it was the first year of seat belts being standard equipment on the Thunderbird.

When do belts on car have to be changed?

View your owner's manual for specifics on the mileage requirements for maintenance. My rule of thumb is to change the belts when you change your spark plug wires and your cap and rotor.

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When should the cam belts be changed on a 2001 3.6 Porsche 911?

Has a chain, it is designed for the life of the engine

What is a good price for having the 3 main belts changed on a 97 T100 to include labor 6-cylinder.?

ONE shop hour. I paid $80.00+ belts. Check shop rates.

Timing chain or cambelt on rover 75 v6 engines?

The Rover v6 has 3 timing belts (cam belts) they must be changed every 90000kilometers, if the belts snap you will have to replace all 24 valves, Do not forget to replace the idler pulley as well.

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Sequel in motor just changed belts but didnt fix it could it be water pump?

Yes, it might be one of bearings. Before doing anything else trying to increase tension on the belts see if it helps.

When should the cam belt on a Ford Fiesta 1996 be changed?

Well I would guess that if it hasn't been changed yet, now's the time. But seriously Cam belts in general should be changed somewhere around 50,000 miles.

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