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Check the oil sending unit.

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Q: Why would a 97 Mazda 626 oil light flicker when the car comes to a complete stop and the oil is full?
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What style light bulb comes in a 2007 Mazda 6?


What does it mean when the TCS light comes on driving down the road on the Mazda Milenia?

its for traction

To shine with a unsteady light?


Mazda tribute engine light?

When the check engine light comes on, it's a good indication that something is wrong with your engine.

What should you do when the battery charge light on the dashboard comes on in a 1994 Mazda MX6 Mystere?

Change your alternator

On your 97 Mazda millenia your hold light comes on?

you need to change the input turbine speed sensor

Will a 130 volt light bulb make a 120 volt light flicker?

All other things being equal, an incandescent light should not "flicker" whether it is connected to 120 or 130 VAC.

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A flicker, a beam, a ray.

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Metal Halide can flicker when warming up cause it is starting to get hot inside. Or Metal Halide can flicker when it is about to burn out. Sometimes they even cycle.

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2002 Mazda Millenea - What do you check when the engine light comes on?

Plug in a computer diagnostic scanner. The light is on to tell you that you have a problem and the computer has stored a "fault" code.

Hold light on B2600i comes on truck shuts down?

the hold light on on my mazda truck b 2600 stays on or flashing and it shut the engine off

Will different voltage make a light flicker?

Yes it will with a regular Edison bulb but when it comes to the cfl and florecent tube lights well their gases can settle and cause that dancing light or flickering if seen through a shade with those just remove shake and replace but they also can flicker with voltage changes but they need a more significant voltage change to be noticeable

What is a shine with an unsteady light?

The answer is flick or flicker! XD LOL

Why does your od light flicker onoff and why does it take about 20 seconds for 2000 Mazda protege to move after being put in gear?

You have a CODE stored on the transmission computer! Also did you check the trans fluid level? it may be low.

How do you you reset change oil light on a Mazda?

Reset the change oil light on Mazda 3

How do you do manual reset airbag light Mazda premacy?

how do i reset an airbag light on 2004 mazda premacy

Why would your battery light flicker on and off?

Possible alternator problem

What is a word starts with f means to shine with an unsteady light?


How much fuel is left in the gas tank of a 2000 Mazda Protege when the warning light comes on?

roughly 20 miles worth

What is wrong if the check engine light comes on at idle and the engine run rough on a 1994 Mazda 929?

Check the engine oil, sometimes when the oil is low the check engine light comes on while sitting still and goes out when you accelarate.

What does the AT dash board light on a Mazda 6 mean?

The AT dashboard light on the Mazda 6 means there is a problem with the transmission.

Mazda mx3 1994 4 cylinder your battery light is coming on along with engine electrical light sometimes you replaced the battery and the battery light still comes on sometimes along with the engine ele?


Why do the oil light flicker when stopped at a red light in a Chrysler Sebring?

the oil sender unit need to be replace.

Why do Light flicker when trucks running?

Sounds like the regulator in the alternator is going out.