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Why would a 97 Wrangler be hard to start when hot and run extremely rough when under heavy throttle?


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2015-07-17 17:39:10
2015-07-17 17:39:10

First change the fuel filter. Check the cat convertor.

Is the temp gauge showing the engine running hot? Could be a water pump prob if so.

second the first answer probably a clog in your exhaust,if not my camaro did something similar it was mass airflow sensor,but if that was the case it would register with computer.


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it may be the mapsensor makin it run rough like that.. or either u need to adjust the throttle

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It may just be that the throttle plate is dirty,

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light, rough, difficult , lifted

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A bad throttle sensor can cause engine jerking and rough running. A test of the computer codes should show if there seems to be a problem with the sensor.

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rough idlingTry cleaning the throttle body with throttle cleaner and tooth brush. Remove the cover first. Soot builds up in this area causing the flap to stick resulting in rough idle. I have cleaned mine to new condition and I still have a rough idle. The dealer told me these motors never idled very smooth in gear.

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