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Why would a 98 Contour rear suspension make knocking noises whenever you drive over any type of semi-rough road like something is loose but you looked and did not see anything obvious?

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January 05, 2008 11:34PM

THE REAR STRUTS HAVE NYLON BUSHINGS WHERE THEY MOUNT TO THE FRAME, AFTER A FEW YEARS THE NYLON HOLES WHERE THE BOLT GOES THROUGH GET WORN OUT AND THE STRUTS START SLAPPING UPK AND DOWN WHEN HITTING ROUGH ROADS. MINE WERE DOING THE SAME THING, I REPLACED THE STRUTS AND THAT TOOK CARE OF THE PROBLEM. struts mine did the same thing Answer I had this problem on my '98, I replaced the struts but that did not take care of the problem, what it ended up being was the rear sway bar mounts had been worn and loosened enough to create this problem.