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THE REAR STRUTS HAVE NYLON BUSHINGS WHERE THEY MOUNT TO THE FRAME, AFTER A FEW YEARS THE NYLON HOLES WHERE THE BOLT GOES THROUGH GET WORN OUT AND THE STRUTS START SLAPPING UPK AND DOWN WHEN HITTING ROUGH ROADS. MINE WERE DOING THE SAME THING, I REPLACED THE STRUTS AND THAT TOOK CARE OF THE PROBLEM. struts mine did the same thing Answer I had this problem on my '98, I replaced the struts but that did not take care of the problem, what it ended up being was the rear sway bar mounts had been worn and loosened enough to create this problem.

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What would cause a knocking noise when braking?

Normally caused by worn steering or suspension components.

What could be knocking in the front suspension of a Subaru Forester xt?

sway bar link pins

What does knocking in a dream mean?

Knocking, as in "knocking on the door," in a dream means that the dreamer needs to pay attention and "open up" or be ready for something coming into the dreamer's life.

Why is your car shaking and knocking when you get over 50 mph?

A vehicle can be shaking and knocking when the speed gets over 50 mph if there is something wrong with the suspension. There might be a tie rod loose, a wheel that is out of balance, or the ball joints could be bad. This is a very dangerous situation that needs to be taken care of before an accident happens.

Knocking noise in front suspension Mazda tribute?

Definitely the sway bar links. Ford uses plastic for the joints.

Front suspension knocking noise on a Mercedes Benz 230CLK?

most likely the anti roll bar bushes. It was on mine

What is the Knocking noise under front side while driving?

The knocking noise could be one of several things. The wheel bearing, a worn steering or suspension part, or road debris could be causing the noise.

Will slick 50 cure a knocking noise?

No it will not. There is something wrong.

What part of rear is suspension knocking now its lowered?

If the knocking is when you hit a bump it could be your axle hitting the frame, or you need shorter swaybar links.Make sure your pinon angle is correct or you will were out your drive saft u-junts.

What can you put in your car to stop it from knocking?

A higher octane gas or an after market octane booster. But, if your car/truck is knocking, then something is wrong, either your timing is too far advanced or something more in depth..

Why is your car knocking when you drive - could there be a problem with the suspension?

there could be a problem with the timing of engine (ie) spark knock or bad gas

What is the knocking noise vehicle is making?

Depends on where the noise is originating from, a suspension component, engine (top or bottom?), steering knocking when turning, going over bumps, etc. You need to provide more details before I can point you in the right direction.

Ford focus knocking from front end at low speed like something is loose and knocking against something else?

I am having the same problem with my 2003 svt focus. I took it to a shop, they said it was my front sway bars or my independent suspension. Maybe check that out. But the guy didn't seem to be to into finding out the problem. Had a mustang that did that, outer tie rod fixed it. Jack up one of the wheels shake back and forth check for knock.

What is the knocking noise in or around the catalc converter?

The knocking noise in or around the catalytic converter comes because something is broken. It could be a pipe or a strap or something else. Fix it before you leave your exhaust pipe on the road.

Where could a knocking be coming from at the rear of my 1991 geo prism. nothing seems to be loose?

I found my noise wasn't something loose. It was the rear strut was bad. Was more of a load squeak that sounded like something knocking.

What are car bushes or bushings?

Little rubber parts that help to cushion a car's suspension system, if they wear out you can hear a knocking noise when going over bumps.

1999 subaru impreza 2.5rs is knocking after your rear wheel bearing broke?

If its the engine knockins their is no connection just a quicondense. If the knocking is in the rear could be a cracked rotor or something.

What could cause a loud knocking noise in the right rear on a 93 Taurus It's not wheel bearing shock mounts or sway bar. Does it mostly when going over bumps.?

I would check the suspension bushings, if one of them is worn it would cause a knocking noise.

What does it mean when you dream of shrimp knocking on your door?

A "shrimp" is something small and unimportant. So this dream is showing that the problem or issue that worries you (knocking on your door) is too insignificant to cause you such bother.

What you hear in the hallways in a haunted house?

Footsteps,whispers from ghosts,loud bangs ,knocking on doors, anything

Why is there a knocking through your steering wheel?

There is something wrong with your wheels or steering. You car is NOT safe to drive.

What would cause a knocking noise when the engine is warm?

maybe the carberator i dont know im not a machanic or anything

Could that knocking noise from the engine and that smoke coming from the muffler have anything to do with the car not starting?

If you have knocking from the engine and smoke from the exhaust then you have far more problems than the car just not starting. Sick professional help immediately.

What does it mean when you dream of knocking?

In all likelihood, something actually is making a knocking sound near the room where you are sleeping. Your unconscious mind is weaving that sound into a dream as a way of preventing you from being disturbed and waking up.

What is causing the knocking noise on the rear suspension of your mk 3 golf?

possibly worn shock absorber rubbers,loose mounting bolts,broken mounts. more info needed to diagnose