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It is easy to put the timing belt on a tooth off. TAke it back and have them recheck it. GoodluckJoe

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Why does my Toyota Celica GT lose power when accelerating and then die?

A loss of power on a Toyota Celica GT while accelerating can be a number of things. The timing might be off. The coil pack might be allowing for a misfire. There might also be a bad Oxygen sensor or bad distributor.

Why did Toyota stop making the Tercel?

It was sadly discontinued in 1999 and replaced by the stupid Toyota Echo.

Location of starter assembly 1989 Toyota Corolla?


What is yaris?

The Toyota yaris is a subcompact car produced by the Toyota car company since 1999. This car replaced the Toyota Starlet mode in Japan.

Does the toyota have a replaced gas pedal?

Toyota has recently started replacing their gas pedals. These were the cause of major recalls.

1994 Toyota Paseo stalls out when idling in traffic?

Could be EGR valve sticking open or dirty at an idling condition or hesitates when accelerating.

Why would a 1996 Toyota Camry vibrate at a stop but not while accelerating?

could be timing It can be many things. I would suspect you have a vacuum leak.

Why does your 1994 Toyota Previa shudder violently when accelerating and decelerating?

its possible that their are knots on the tires,bad wheel bearings or u-joints on the driveshaft are going out

What can you do to improve mpg Toyota hybrid?

Drive less aggressively, use the brakes less, keep steady speed without accelerating fast/frequently.

How do you change the belt on a 2003 Toyota Celica?

They have a timing chain, which you probably will never have to be replaced.

Why doesnt Toyota make echos anymore?

Poor sales. The Echo was replaced with the Yaris.

When did Toyota stop making the Tercel?

The last year the awsome Toyota Tercel was in production was 1999......(sad face) It was replaced by the ugly Echo....blech!!

Does a 2001 Toyota 6 cylinder engine have a timing belt or chain?

The 3.0 Toyota V6 has a belt that must be replaced every 90,000 miles.

What company produced the FJ40?

The FJ40 is a Toyota Land Cruiser and was produced by Toyota. It is no longer in production and was replaced by the HJ45 model. It was made from 1960 to 1984.

How often should the timing chain on 2002 Toyota Camry be replaced?

Timing chain usually needs to be replaced each 180-200K miles.

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