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check your ign. fuse. sounds like the starter cylinoid, but first make sure the battery is not dead(good head lights)check connections for corrosion and snug fittings. the cylinoid is located on the starter.the red wire from the battery goes to it.the problem could also be in the find where the problem is you will need to test power to the s termanal at the cylinoid with the switch in the "start position" if you have voltage when trying to start will indicate a bad cylinoid no voltage at start is a bad switch or wireing to the starter.

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Q: Why would a Chevy 350 stop starting No clicks chugs whines - nothing Battery seems good lights fans radio ect all seem to be as strong as ever Truck ran ten minutes ago and now nothing?
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Car clicks and clicks and it's hard to start?

Bad battery, starting motor or both.

Why is your '95 Maxima not starting only hear clicks?

If the battery is bad, you may only hear clicks. It could be the starter, but I would check the charge on the battery first.

Mazda 6 clicks several times before starting?

Weak battery or poor connection - battery to starter. Possible bad starter.

91 regal won't start in -2 weather battery is full charge car does nothing?

If it does nothing you have a loose or corroded battery connection. If it clicks and will not start then the starter may be frozen and or defective. I would also try jump starting it to make sure the battery is good even though it shows full charge.

Could starter be frozen car not starting rapid clicks when ignition key is turned?

This sounds like your battery.

WE have a 1999 Seville with a new battery It clicks when ignition is turned then nothing and it can not be jumped-why?

Check for bad connections or fusable link

Why won't a car even jump start but the lights dim and lots of clicks?

AnswerDim lights and lots of clicks is an indication of too low a charge on the battery. When jump-starting, allow the battery to be attached to the jumper cables for about 5 minutes before trying to crank the engine. If that fails, check for loose battery cables at the battery, ground, or starter. If all connections are good, then the battery is too far gone and must be replaced. Note: You need to find out why the battery discharged - did you leave the lights on? is the alternator bad?.

You turn the key and it just clicks?

Dead battery or a bad connection to the battery.

What is wrong when a battery clicks and will not start?

If you are talking about a car engine and battery then it is not the battery that is clicking. It is in all probability the solenoid.

What if engine just clicks when turn key?

Battery dead

When starting car what if it just clicks?

That means the solenoid IS working, but power is too low to turn the starter. Check and if necessary clean or tighten the battery terminals. If still the same, charge your battery on slow for at least 12 hours, or get another battery.

2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

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