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Too much fuel or not enough fuel going in...too large a jet size or incorrect float adjustment. I suspect too much fuel because of the performance carb.

Answerprobably because you were hitting the secondarys to early with to much throttle wich would dump to much fuel in the pots AnswerTypical problem with engines that have had "external" modifications only to improve performance. It's called "over-carburation", and is often the case when a carb that is too big is bolted to an engine not properly prepared to accept it. Headers help, but what you will need to do, is replace your cam with one that matches the capacity of your carburetor, or get a smaller carb. In short, spend more money.
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Q: Why would a Chevy 350 with an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb not accelerate steadily once you get up to 3K rpm's unless you let off the gas some?
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