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Too much fuel or not enough fuel going in...too large a jet size or incorrect float adjustment. I suspect too much fuel because of the performance carb.

Answerprobably because you were hitting the secondarys to early with to much throttle wich would dump to much fuel in the pots AnswerTypical problem with engines that have had "external" modifications only to improve performance. It's called "over-carburation", and is often the case when a carb that is too big is bolted to an engine not properly prepared to accept it. Headers help, but what you will need to do, is replace your cam with one that matches the capacity of your carburetor, or get a smaller carb. In short, spend more money.
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How much horsepower does an edelbrock carb add?

none, unless the old carb wasn't working properly.

Do you add horsepower by installing an edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor?

Probably not. Unless the previous intake and carb were not functioning properly.

How long to walk 1.8 miles?

30 - 40 minutes, unless your fast steadily paced.

Does bullet size affect the gun barrel?

Yes, a bullet must be the same diameter as the barrel (unless it is a shotgun).

Does a car turning into a parking lot accelerate?

Not usually unless he is going to slow to start of with.

How can you lose 7000 calories a week?

you cant unless you become anaorexic...loose calories slowly but steadily and the differences will be better and bigger.

What is the maximum legal barrel length for a pistol?

There is no legal maximum for a pistol barrel, A RIFLE must have a MINIMUM 16 inch barrel unless registered as a "Short Barreled Rifle", but pistols do not have a maximum.

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial 54067?

Single barrel, under $100. Double-barrel up to $200 unless heavily ornamented.

What object do not accelerate unless force act on them and how similar is this to the first law of motion?

Nothing accelerates unless/until force acts on it.This is exactly Newton's first law of motion.

How do you calculate how many liters are in any barrel?

You can't answer this question unless you know the dimensions of said barrel and the density of whatever liquid you want to measure the liters of.

How can you make a 1991 Chevy 305 work in a 1976 impala?

unless you are willing to install the ecm and wiring harness,you will have to replace the distributor with a pre 1980 distributor. reason for this is to get vacuum advance. you also will have to replace intake manifold with a manifold for a carb. a edelbrock and a edelbrock carb work well for me. the rest should work. also use the exhaust manifolds from the 76. good luck

What is the best a 2 or 4 barrel carburetor for a 1979 ford f150 engine is a 400?

The 400 in the 1979 F150 has a 2 barrel carburetor , so unless your willing to change the intake manifold to a 4 barrel manifold and get a 4 barrel carburetor , I would stick with original equipment

Where is the serial stamped on a model 37 Ithaca?

On my 1950s vintage Ithaca Model 37 16 gauge it is on the right side of the end of the receiver where the magazine tube and barrel go into the receiver, and also on the barrel adjacent to the number on the receiver. The numbers should be the same on both the barrel and receiver unless the barrel is not the original barrel, at least on mine they are.

How do you get the plastic for a pen and turn it into a pen?

the barrel? or what? why would you need to turn something into a pen? unless you pen spin. then you need to buy the pen with the correct barrel and take it apart.

Is an object's desire to not accelerate a force?

Object has not a "desire". It has tendency. It hasn't any tendency to accelerate, unless some impulse will be given to it along its way. The tendency of any object which has given it an impulse is to always slowing down if it is on a horizontal plane.

Can you shoot steel shot with a fixed full choke barrel?

NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are in a life or death situation.

Does the colt m4 shoot both 556 and 223 ammunition?

Yes it does, unless your barrel is stamped .223 .

What is the minimum legal barrel length for a rifle?

The minimum legal length for a rifle barrel is 16 inches. Unless a special permit is obtained from the ATF / government for a short barreled rifle.

What makes your 305 engine sputter and go dead when you accelerate?

probablly not getting fuel check your fuel filter unless timing is off

What carburetor can replace the 1984 GMC 350 Sierra 4 barrell quardjet please and thanks?

You Can still buy that Carb new or used, unless you may want to go with a new or better one and i would say a Holley 600Cfm or 650Cfm gas mileage might go down a little.. and you don't need to Replace your intake they sell Adapter plates for the conversion And Also you can get an Adapter plate and Use Edelbrock 600-650Cfm Carb theres a link for it below but you can but it from your local autoparts store like AutoZone or Advance auto parts or a speed shop sells them but i wouldn't go there they always mark up more then anyone else.. Edelbrock 600CFM http://www.jegs.com/i/Edelbrock/350/1400/10002/-1 Or if u wanna spend the money you can go high tech and buy Holleys Aftermarket TPI injection system Stock GM 2 barrel or holley TBI 4 barrel and probaly increase your gas mileage parts store should be able to order that also...

How do you convert airgun to 177?

Your question is not clear. What are you converting from. Air guns are already .177 unless you have a larger barrel on them. In that case you just change the barrel to .177. If you are converting for "AIRSOFT" then it can not be done successfully.

How far does a project salvo paintball gun go?

All markers generally go the same distance, unless you have a specific barrel that adds backspin to the ball (apex barrel or flatline barrel). Typically they range in the area of 75 to 100ft. Much of this depends on the velocity.

How do you remove the ignition lock barrel of a 1974 Nova without the key?

you need the key to get it out unless you a car thief.

When was 12 gauge double barrel ser 48756 made?

can't be answered unless the name of the maker is provided

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