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Im betteing one of your motor mounts is broken and making the car shake. does the engine move when you gun it in neutral?

ajust the idle of the car.

The car has no idle ajustment it is controled by the PCM check the motor mounts and check your idle control motor. Also have you intake and plentium checked and cleaned also run some fuel injector cleaner every tank full.

dirt420ba BE SAFE!!!!!

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Q: Why would a Chevy Cavalier vibrate or shake when is sitting still?
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Why would a Chevy Cavalier vibrate or shake while you are driving?

Wheel bearings and allignment. Can be tires as well and sometimes even a bad motor mount.

Does a harmonic balancer knock on a 305 Chevy when it goes bad?

YES it can, but the engine would vibrate and shake if it did.

What is the normal RPM at idle on 1999 cavalier?

650-700 rpm.. If any lower it tends to shake and vibrate to much.. and anything higher is unnecessary.

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Why is the Water light on staying in Chevy cavalier 1999?

The sensor is stuck if the bottle is full. Just shake it up, it will unstuck.

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Why won't your Chevy cavalier ignition turn over?

the car is not in park the stering wheel maybe in a bind, shake the wheel and try again

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What can cause a 1991 Chevy cavalier to shake when driving at 55mph or higher?

Wheel balance, bent rim, bad tire or worn steering components to name a few.

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Why does your 2005 Chevy Cavalier violently shake when you apply the brakes?

There are several reasons. Two common reasons would be warped brake rotors or a bad ball joint which should be fixed immediatly.

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