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Sounds like it might be a brake pad thickness warning sensor that gets torqued when braking enough to move away from the rotor only when braking forward. It would be worth pulling the wheels off and taking a look.

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What are irreversible and reversible changes?

the changes which can be reversed by reversing the conditions are reversible changes. the changes which cannot be reversed by reversing the conditions are irreversible changes.

What is the need for reversing polarity?

Reversing polarity ,changes the rotation of the device you are changing polarity on.

What is accelarition?

Acceleration means any of these changes to an object's motion:Speeding up (or starting from rest)Slowing down (or stopping)Turning or curving away from a straight line

What is a monsoon rain?

The monsoon season is defined as a seasonal reversing of the prevailing winds. This reversing wind is usually accompanied by changes in the level and amount of precipitation.

Braking distance changes with the weather?

in rain, snow or ice your tires have much less traction, and therefore need more braking distance.

What are some physical changes for green plants?

braking some of the leaves off.

How is a curved path an example of acceleration?

"Acceleration" does not mean "speeding up". Acceleration means any changein the speed or direction of motion. An object with no acceleration moves at aconstant speed in a straight line. If its path is not straight, then the directionof its motion changes, which fits the definition of acceleration.

What is Acceleartion?

acceleration is changes in speed slowing down and speeding up.

What component allows a heat pump to switch between heat and cool?

the reversing valve is what actually changes the refrigeration cycle from heat to cool. the reversing valve receives its signal from the thermostat.

What is the effect of physical changes?

Physical changes do not change the properties of the substance. You can get back the original state of the substance in most cases by reversing the physical process.

Reversing Diabetes?

Weight loss is the most important aspect for potentially reversing diabetes. This can be done through healthy lifestyle changes. A nutritious diet that limits junk food and processed carbohydrates and exercise will help reduce weight.

What is the length of a straight line?

The length (distance) of a straight line always changes, the angle of a straight line is 180 degrees.

What is a solid that changes straight to gas?

phenolphthalein balls.

Does acceleration always mean that an object is speeding up?

No. As used in physics, the word "acceleration" means that THE VELOCITY CHANGES. More precisely, it refers to how quickly the velocity changes, in symbols, dv/dt.

How is an oxidation half reaction written using the reduction potential chart?

Reversing the equation gives the oxidation half reaction. Doing this changes the sign on the voltage, not the magnitude.

What would make a roaring sound in the front passenger side on a 98chevy blazer ls 4 wheeldrive?

If the roaring sound Changes with speed it could be a bad wheel bearing. If the noises changes with braking check the pads.

What occurs any time an object speeds up slows down or changes direction?

Acceleration. Acceleration is change in velocity. Velocity is its speed and direction. So when one of these things changes, it is undergoing acceleration. Acceleration can be the object speeding up, slowing down, turning right, turning left, etc. Deceleration is lowering the rate of change. You are experiencing no change if you are moving in a straight line at a constant speed.

What is calculus the kid definition?

Calculus is the part of maths that has to do with calculating changes in the rate of change, like the speeding up or slowing down of a moving vehicle.

The slope of a curved line differs from that of a straight line in that?

Slope of a straight line is the same at all points on the line, whereas for a curved line it changes.

Will a judge suspend my license for doing 96mph in 65mph zone in California I already have 1 point and the speeding ticket will get me 1 more. But apparently judges can suspend licenses for speeding.?

I don't know about California, but some states have laws that say, driving over 20 MPH (25 in other states) the posted speed limit changes from speeding to reckless driving.

What are some changes that take place when forces are acting?

Movement-acceleration or braking. Stress in structures, possibly bending. Raising against gravity. Heating through friction.

Situations in which force changes the velocity of an object?

Drop a stone, the force due to gravity accelerates it . Force from an engine accelerating a car. Braking force decelerating a car.

Is this true an object is accelerating only if it is speeding up?

No. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity; any change of velocity qualifies, even if only the direction changes.

What is a reversing switch that rotates with the coil in am electric motor and reverses the direction of the current every half turn?

It's called a 'split-ring commutator'. It changes the naturally-produced a.c. into d.c.

Does hair change with age?

My hair changes .it was curly then straight then curly and now it's between them