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Hey Nathan==Some batteries need to be charged before they will start a car. If the lights are bright and when you try to start the car with them on they go out you might have a bad starter. First though take the cables off and clean them good and make sure there is a good ground between the engine and the body. This ground is very important. GoodluckJoe Everything previously stated is correct, make sure those contacts are clean and don't have any play. Check the connections on both terminals on the battery, and also to the starter, could be a bad solenoid (usually mounted to the starter on GM's). Good luck If the A/C compressor and clutch are locked up, they will not let the serpentine belt turn, thus the engine will not turn over.

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Q: Why would a Cierra S not start or even turn over after putting in a new battery?
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Does more power flow into a battery than out of it?

No. That would defy the point of putting the battery there in the first place.

Why would a 1987 Comanche with new ignition componets not want to start?

I had the same problem. Putting in a new starter relay and changing out the battery cables fixed the issue.

What would cause a car not to start and if you hook up battery charger it will start?

Sounds like a short on one of the battery cells. Get the local tyre and battery shop to check the battery out

My 1990 acura want start. it want say any thing.what's wrong?

Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.

Can you jump start a scooter battery with a car battery?

I would not I would buy a 12 volt charger and plug it in for a day

Why would your car not start if you just replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the battery cables or starter.

Can I Jump the battery in my 2005 Cadillac Deville DHS with a battery charger?

It would depend on the condition of the battery and if the battery charger has a jump start mode.

Why would the hazard lights stay on when the battery is dead and won't recharge when jumped?

Try putting in a new battery and then making sure the hazard switch is off.

What would a loose battery cable do?

Cause a no start situation.

Why would your 95 Monte Carlo not start but will start with a boost form the box over the battery but wont start with a boost from the batery?

is the battery dead? if not check your connections and/or for corrosion

What would cause your 2004 jetta not to start without a jump then when you stop the car it wont start again?

bad battery or loose battery cable

Why would your 1996 Mitsubishi eclipse spider convertible just not start Nothing?

I would start by checking the battery and fuses.

96 Bonneville wont start after turning the key driving it yesterday the car would start but when you turned it off the car would not start then tried it again and it did start now it will not start?

From your description I would say you could rule out the battery but not the alternator (the part that charges the battery) but it's most likely the starter

Would auto start with alarm kill battery in two days?

take them out . you should charge battery then be ok.

Does the battery on the remote need to be good for car to start?

If you are using it to turn on the car a good battery would help.

What would be wrong if a sebring wont start or make any noise but it will start with a jump?

Either a discharged battery or a corroded battery terminal. The battery could be discharged because the alternator isn't working.

What does battery do if have bad cell?

The battery is dead - you would need to boost the vehicle in order for it to start , but once you shut the vehicle off it will not start again without boosting or hooking it up to a battery charger

Have to turn headlights off and heat to get truck to start?

This sounds like a battery that isn't putting out it's full load of cranking amps anymore. However, when you turn the key to "start" a relay should automatically turn off all of your electrical devices. So I would start there with the starter relay.

Would a bad alternator on a 1999 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited keep discharging a brand new battery?

=== === Some types of electrical shorts do cause the battery to discharge. But usually a bad alternator just does not charge the battery. Or does not put a large enough charge back into the battery. This causes the battery to discharge when you start and run the motor. The spark plugs and other things need electricity that would usually come from the alternator is now coming from your battery. If your bad alternator is not recharging the new battery, the battery will soon fail to start or run your vehicle. You need to have your alternator tested. It should be putting out at least 12 volts, usually around 13 to 15 volts.

Your car would not start after driving for a period of time but jump starting would start it but if you check the battery and the alternator they are perfectly fine. stater problem?

could be a bad cable connection. clean the battery terminals and the clamps on the battery cables. if it continues to do it, check for a bad ground cable from the battery.

How do you start your 01 Jimmy after you installed a new battery?

you should be able to start your jimmy up right after you install your new battery...if it doesnt, I would replace or clean your battery cable terminals and see if that works!

What would cause total power loss in 1993 dodge van?

I would start with your battery.

Vw 2003 jetta won't turn over?

Could be your battery, starter, ignition, check them... would start with the battery !

Can a marine battery start a car?

If it is a 12 volt marine battery, then yes. If it's a 6 volt marine battery, then you would need two of them wired in series to make the 12 volts needed to start the vehicle.

What would cause a car not to start when it was running and then you shut it off and you tried to start it again and there was not even a offer to start?

A dead cell in your battery would do that . When you open the hood does your underhood light come on ? or if you have the key in the ignition and the drivers door open do you hear the chime ? if not it could be a poor battery cable connection or a dead battery