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Why would a DVD player have no sound?

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If it's new then it could be hooked up wrong. If it isn't new then you could have done what I did by mistake and hit the "mute" button on your controls. Look for the mute button and click it. Hopefully this is all that's wrong.

If it's old...that could be the problem. My CyberHome DVD player, after lots of service, sometimes would play DVD 's without the sound . Usually after resetting (turned off, and maybe unplugged) it would play sound again, for a while.

You could also try this:

For a CyberHome DVD player that plays no sound when watching DVD's, another option that worked for me without resetting it or shutting it off was to place a music CD in the player. Once it played the music CD with sound, eject it and put the DVD back in. Works without fail unless the sound is really messed up.

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Why would your DVD player have very low sound?

the battery is dead

Can I buy a DVD player with surround sound?

A DVD player does not have surround sound built into it. You can purchase surround sound speakers and connect them to the DVD player. This will make your movie experience much better.

What are the best brands of dvd players to use for dvd player surround sound?

The best brands of DVD players to use for a DVD player surround sound system will be brands listed as a home theater DVD player. The home theater DVD player is specifically designed to make the most of the surround sound system.

Why do I only have sound and not the picture when the DVD player is hooked up to the TV?

Try changing the source on the television to AV1 if you only have sound but no picture from a DVD player. If it is on TV it will not play a DVD.

How would someone install their own car dvd player?

There are three main componets: the dvd player, the car video monitor, and the sound system. You need to mount the dvd player to either the dashboard or roof and run several wires from the audio of the dvd player to the speakers of the car.

How do you hook up your DVD player to get sound?

it should automatically have sound

Why do you not have sound on your DVD home player when you record a movie from Hard drive to DVD?


Ford Expedition DVD player sound?

Most Ford Expedition DVD players use wireless headphones for the sound from the DVD player. They are usually stored in the seat back pouches in the driver and passenger seats. If you don't have the headphones you will have to get them from the manufacturer of the DVD player. Hope this helps.

How do you get the sound from DVD player to the speaker 5.1?

Connect audio cables to the Audio Out on the DVD player to the Audio In connectors of the speaker system.

Can you use a DVD player without connecting the speakers?

It is possible to wire a DVD player just for the picture, and not for sound, although most people prefer to have sound. Dialogue can be very interesting.

How may watts does a DVD player use?

that would depend on your DVD player

Why do you only receive sound but not the picture when the DVD player is hooked up to the TV?

If you have hooked up your DVD player and get sound but no picture, try changing the picture source from TV to AV 1.

Is the set up for a dvd player surround sound hard to do?

I am not completely sure if the set up for DVD player surround sound hard to do. I have done some research and found videos and guides that might help you about it.

Would a HD DVD play on a DVD with HDMi?

To play a HD DVD you need a HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not play a HD DVD, nor will a Blu-ray player. HDMI is just a connection: it won't give your standard DVD player superpowers.

What is the benefit of a bose dvd player?

The benefit of a bose DVD player is the high quality sound and performance that will come from buying a bose player. Another benefit will be the long lastingness of the device.

How do you hear sound from your DVD player in your 2003 ford expedition Eddie baurer?

You should be able to get sound from the radio. Mine is set on channel 89.5 FM. When the DVD player first turns it should say on the monitor.

What DVD player match to 5.1 inspire M5300 speaker?

Most DVD players offer 5.1 surround sound output, so really any of those, however if you are looking for the best quality, more expensive ones are usually the way to go. I would however recomend buying the Toshiba A3 HD-DVD player, it is backwards compatible with DVDs and has great image and sound quality. Probably about the same price as the top of the line DVD player.

Where can one purchase a DVD player which will play DVDs from all regions of the world?

The type of DVD player that can play any DVD from across the world would be a region free DVD player. The best place to get one would be through Amazon.

Who makes the best mp3 DVD player combo?

The Apple IPod is the overall best mp3 DVD player combo. The sound is good and video playback is impressive.

Why would a DVD not play on a DVD player?

There are a number of possible reasons for a DVD not to play on a DVD player. In an effort to reduce piracy, DVDs and DVD players are designed for a group of large geographical zones, and a DVD intended for the European zone will not play on an American DVD player. Aside from that, the DVD could be damaged, or the DVD player could be damaged. Or not plugged in.

Would you recommend a Toshiba DVD player over a Sony DVD player?

When considering the purchase of a Toshiba DVD player over a Sony DVD player, one has to consider the type, quality, and cost of each. All DVD players are compatible to every brand of tv's, but many Sony DVD players offer more options when paired with a Sony tv. If you have a Sony tv, I would recommend a Sony DVD player.

Can a Wii be connected to a DVD player?

No, but why would you do that?

DVD which you can only get sound but played else were and it played fine why?

this probably occurred due to the fact that not all DVD players are designed the same. i have a number of DVDs in my DVD library which states on the DVD storage case that some features may not play in all DVD players. therefore, it depends on which brand of DVD player you have. if you continue to experience difficulty playing your DVDs, i would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your DVD player for advice to your problem.

Are there any cd players that can double as dvd players if hooked up to a computer or to a vga monitor?

Any dvd player will play audio cd's.So any device that would do this would be called a dvd player and not a cd player.

2005 Chrysler pacifica radio no sound fuses ok?

fuses appear ok. Still no sound, radio, CD player, DVD player appear to be working

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