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Check the fluid in the Power Steering. If it is low the car will make noise when you turn the wheel.

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Q: Why would a Ford Mustang steering wheel make noise when you turn the wheel?
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What would cause a knocking noise when you turn your wheel?

Power Steering?

What would cause a squeaking noise that changes from side to side when turning steering wheel?

ummm power steering

Why would you hear cranky noise while turning steering wheel?

It could be low fluid in the power steering pump.

What can cause a noise when turning your steering wheel to the left?

An expert would have to hear the noise. Some possibilities are dry top bearing of the shocks, horn ring loose in steering wheel, tire rubbing on frame - -

What would cause a humming noise in the steering column when idle in a Jeep Liberty while idle if you move the steering wheel the noise breaks up for a few seconds?

Check your power steering fluid

Is making noise when you turn the steering wheel?

If you mean "what" is making noise when you turn the steering wheel? It usaually means you need power steering fluid. If you run too long without power steering fluid it will make your power steering go out. If it is making a shuttering noise when you take sharp turns. Your rear differential may need to be serviced. I would have is burnished.

What would cause a squealing noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right?

Power Steering Fluid Or Power Steering Pump

What would cause a ticking noise coming from the dashboard of a 1997 GMC Yukon near the steering wheel?


What would cause the wheel to make a hissing noise when you turn right?

Check your steering pump to see if you need to add more power steering fluid.

What is a steering wheel nut?

That would be the nut that holds the steering wheel to the steering shaft.

What would cause the steering wheel to make a creaking noise when moving it?

it would be in need of some lubrication Perhaps bad or weak clock-spring (real part) inside steering column

What steers a boat?

A steering wheel would steer a boat, and a captain would be controlling the steering wheel.

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