Why would a Geo Tracker loose power?

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Could possibly be the electric fuel pump is not producing enough pressure. Or the fuel filter is clogged from not changing it, or a bad load of gas clogged it. Perform fuel pressure test if filter is OK
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Why would a convertor not lock up on 1994 Geo Tracker?

Torque Converter Clutch Circut Malfunct . \nOn my 1996 tracker the check engine light is on for EGR and TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH CIRCUT MALFUNCTION.I talked to a local tran

Would a 1994 Geo Tracker center console fit into a 1992 Geo Tracker?

Yes, the 1989 - 1998 Trackers are the same. ANSWER: The above answer is only partially right. Yes the '94 console will fit in an '92 Tracker. Only '89 through '95 Trackers a

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir on a 1994 geo tracker Picturesdiagrams?

Hi, Your power steering resivoir is at the front of the engine as you face the car on the right side of the engine. It is driven by a belt from the engine and is real easy to

Why would a Geo Tracker not accelerate?

lots of reason. brakes are on, or dragging. gas tank empty gas cap is not legal missing vacuum breaker, (bad news) 1: loss of spark ever tune car up. 2: loss of fuel
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Why would a Geo Tracker stall then start back up?

I have a 1997 Geo prizm. It stalled on me going to work the otherday and would start back up. It sat for about 2.5 hours before my boyfriend got there to look at it andit star