Why would a Geo Tracker stall then start back up?

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I have a 1997 Geo prizm. It stalled on me going to work the other day and would start back up. It sat
for about 2.5 hours before my boyfriend got there to look at it and it started right up for him. After it
got warm again it wouldn't turn on for him. What could be wrong with my car? If it's being started from
parked for a little bit then it starts right up.
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Why would a 1992 Geo Tracker LSI 4x4 with a new battery distributor cap and rotor crank fast but still not start?

I just purchased a 1992 Geo Tracker and had the same problem. I had to send the ECM located underneath the dash on the right side of the steering column. I sent this to autotronixs in Houston TX and had it rebuilt (281-888-7331) the price was very reasonable. My geo cranked over great and I had fuel ( Full Answer )

Are there any electrical or fuel problems on a '92 Geo Tracker that would make it randomly stall and then immediately restart?

I've had this happen to my Tracker, as well as a friend's. In both cases it turned out to be either the Crank Angle Sensor, or the wiring going to it. Let me ask you, when it randomly dies does the RPM gauge jump all around or temporarily go to zero? If so, it's certainly a CAS issue. Mine spent 6 m ( Full Answer )

Why would the fuel injection system fuse blow when you try to start a 97 Geo Tracker?

Answer . I have no idea why, but I do know a fix. Mounted to the bottom or side of your ECU is what appears to be a great big relay or contactor. If you unplug this connector and inspect both the inside of it as well as the contactor, you're going to see one pin that has been obviously overloa ( Full Answer )

How do you put a fan belt back on a 1994 Geo Tracker?

The schematic should be on the fan shroud. If not find a like car and draw a schematic. If the belt came off by itself, there may be something out of line and you may have to take it to a garage.

1996 Geo Tracker stalling when coming to a stop.?

CARBON . I have four of these vehicles. The one with the 5 speed is the one that was doing this. It would sometimes stall at stop lights, restart and it was normal. I had a guy clean all the carbon out of the intake system which cost about $105.00 and it does not stall anymore. Be aware that h ( Full Answer )

What is the problem with a Geo Storm when it tries to stall when idling at a red light andor when the same car wants to stall when you try to back it up in the parking lot?

Isuzu engines commonly exhibit erratic idle problems The engine revving and dropping in rpms, sometimes dropping almostto the point of dying. There are several things that can cause thisproblem:Leaks in the vacuum hoses or aged, cracked hoses can let inair that is not being metered by the ECU's sens ( Full Answer )

What would cause a Geo Tracker to run great and then stall unexpectedly?

My Geo does the same thing..... . \nMy 2003 Geo Tracker also starts and runs great but shuts the fuel off when it gets hot while idling for about 10 minutes, for instance in heavy traffic, at stop lights, etc. My mechanics couldn't fix it, so I removed the thermostat so at least I could drive it ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1992 Bonneville SSE stall while driving and start back up a few Minutes later and the car has a new fuel pump?

Check computer for codes. It's not uncommon to get a bad fuel pump. I had the same problem with my 92 SE. It wound up being the ignition module under the coil pack. Common knowledge is that if the module is bad, the engine will not start at all but if memory serves me correctly, my mechanic who dia ( Full Answer )

Why would a convertor not lock up on 1994 Geo Tracker?

Torque Converter Clutch Circut Malfunct . \nOn my 1996 tracker the check engine light is on for EGR and TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH CIRCUT MALFUNCTION.I talked to a local transmission shop and he said it was a automaic transmission lockup solinoid.Its just inside the transmission pan and i believe i ( Full Answer )

Back up lights went out on 1997 geo tracker and check engine light came on all fuses and bulbs are good?

Answer . HI, I've looked at this thing all which ways and the only thing I can come up with is an occurance at the same time. The back up light switch either went bad or moved.is a logical solution or a wire came off or has been broken. If one of those things has happened then your backup lights wi ( Full Answer )

Does a Geo Tracker 1997 have a relay switch that would affect the starting of the vehicle The problem is not the starter or the battery. Help?

Hi, There is a control relay. that when activated, controls the check engine light and the the fuel pump when energized. It could also be fuse FI Blue (15A) which is the electronic fuel injection. I would check all the fuses to insure they're all ok. The control relay is most likely under the hood. ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1990 ISUZU Truck 2.3 with a carburetor idle fine but stall each time you come to a stop and will always start right back up?

Because you have a vacuum leak somewhere in the power brake booster. If you take and plug the hose that goes to your brake booster from the intake manifold the problem will go away. Be carefull, because your braking ability will also be severely compromised. This means that you may have a hard time ( Full Answer )

Why would a 15 amp fuse blow when you try to start a 1994 Geo Tracker?

15 Amp blows on start. HI, As I read the schematic, I see a couple of options. One Could be the Ignition Coil, another is you could have a bad main relay, another option is the Igniter. Any of those could be a culprit. I have left out the Ignition Switch itself. Any of those could be bad, I'd prob ( Full Answer )

Would a 1994 Geo Tracker center console fit into a 1992 Geo Tracker?

Yes, the 1989 - 1998 Trackers are the same. ANSWER: The above answer is only partially right. Yes the '94 console will fit in an '92 Tracker. Only '89 through '95 Trackers are the same. '96 through '98 are the different then previous years.

Oldesmobile toronado cranks but wont start I was driving it on the road and it stalled out and would not start back up and it still will not start.?

It could be A few things, I would start with the distributor cap and rotor, The rotor can get A pin-hole in it and let it create A shorted firing route.,,, If this is good, Then crank the engine with the dist. cap removed, See if the rotor is turning, If not you have a broken timing chain or cam. ,, ( Full Answer )

Can you rebuild an engine in 92 Geo Tracker that is locked up?

The answer is YES. The question is how money will it cost to replace/repair the failed parts that cused the lock up. It could be a broken connecting rod, spun bearing, failed oil pump, or seized piston. You can buy parts and send the bare engine block to a machine shop so they can recondition it. If ( Full Answer )

What causes a 1990 Geo tracker to isle up and down at start up?

If the car goes to a high idle and then slowly drops then remains low this is normal operation as response to changes in temperature of the engine. If it is a fast repeating cycle back and forth between fast and slow this indicates a vacuum leak or lean fuel type condition or (possibly but unlikely) ( Full Answer )

What would cause a 96 Geo tracker to keep stalling just replaced the O2 sensor?

HI, Have you looked at your EGR valve? our air cleaner\ncould be real dirty, the mass airflow sensor could be bad,\nTher's any number of things that could be bad or wrong. Have\nyou had your codes read? The reasdout from the OBD can lead you\nin the right direction. The problem I found is that it ra ( Full Answer )

Geo Tracker will not start when hot?

1: loss of spark test spark. 2; flooding hot , cause by to rich. (huge list) 3: loss of fuel. 4: loss of electric power hot. see my profile see link.

Why would a Geo Tracker not accelerate?

lots of reason. brakes are on, or dragging. gas tank empty gas cap is not legal missing vacuum breaker, (bad news) 1: loss of spark ever tune car up. 2: loss of fuel (many reasons) 3: too much fuel, flooding or very rich misfire. 4: tranny slipping.? "automatics do that" M/T clutch sli ( Full Answer )

Back up lights for a 1996 GEO Tracker stay on all the time what now?

Hi,\nThe first thing to check is the reverse switch at the shift stalk. The switch might have broken or the plunger on the switch might be so dirty that it won't return to the opoen position. On a manual. look under the boot and on an auto you need to lift the console and check the switch. Good luck ( Full Answer )

Why does your 1999 Concorde stall without warning and wont start back up again?

If it justs dies without warning while your driving and then takes a few seconds or a minute before you can start it again, it it likely the cam position sensor or the crank position sensor. I replaced both and it hasn't stalled since. In my case the car did not give any codes and my scan tool did n ( Full Answer )

Why did car stall and not start back up when drove through water?

Honda Man's Answer . Many people think they can drive through water without damage, some are lucky. When water covers an intersection, it is nearly impossible to judge how deep it is by looking at the water's surface. Many motors are replaced every rainy season due to drivers becoming wanna be U-Bo ( Full Answer )

Where is Back up light switch Geo Tracker?

Hi, The back up switch for the auto trans is under the shift console cover although the book says it is mounted on the transmission, mine is under the console, I have a '97 4WD/ 3 spd. I sure hope this helps. Steve H.

Why does your Oldsmobile stall after driving it for awhile then start back up after waiting?

I believe it has something to do with the "lockdown" where the transmission does not shift down causing the engine to stall....On the driver's side of the engine toward the front bottom there is a BLUE connection that if you disconnect the override should not occur.........have an 85 cutlass ciera h ( Full Answer )

What would cause a 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue will occasionally stall when in idle and will even do it when driving when RPMs fall below 1000 no codes found and starts back up fine?

I would immediately be looking for leaks(major) in my vacuum, things like brake booster and such......they are not always easy to find, but it sounds like yours is pretty major if its enough to kill the car. Heres a couple of tricks. . get a piece of hose and put one end in your ear, the other e ( Full Answer )

How much does a tune up cost for a 1994 Geo Tracker?

well that depends, if its the 15k, 30k , 60k or 90 k tune up. same answer all cars made world wide. a 94 needs at 60k-90k. a new timing belt. $50 rotor cap wires , spark wires , $50 filters , $35 (both) oil changes,? rad fluid ever 2 years. new tranny lube ever 2 years or 30 ( Full Answer )

92 Geo Tracker still won't start?

wont crank or wont start http://www.kick-fix.com/nostart.html if it wont crank backup 1 page find no crank.

95 Geo Tracker How do you put back seats up and down there is no pull cord except on the front passenger side?

This question should be, how to raise and lower rear seats. There is no pull cord for either of the rear seats -- only for the front passenger seat. Each of the rear seats has a knob located on the the top corner. Lift the knob to adjust the seat (lower or raise).. that is how mine works.. I ( Full Answer )

How do you start the 4x4 Geo Tracker?

Unless there is something specifically wrong with it make sure the battery is charged and that it has gas in it and turn the key. . Is there something wrong with it?

Why would a 96 Ram 3.9 start and then immediately stall when started after warm up?

, I am the author of the above question. The truck starts and idles great on the 1st start of the day. After that, when you start it up, it will immediately stall unless you give it gas. Once it is put into gear and going forward, it is perfectly fine, even at stop lights, etc. There are no check en ( Full Answer )

Why would a Geo Tracker loose power?

Could possibly be the electric fuel pump is not producing enough pressure. Or the fuel filter is clogged from not changing it, or a bad load of gas clogged it. Perform fuel pressure test if filter is OK