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Why would a Marlin 22 pump 47 have the serial 5015 if the reference books say the serial numbers went only up to 1501?

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The Marlin Model 47 was not listed in the Marlin catalog, but was an incentive gift to anyone who purchased four shares of Marlin stock for $100. Very rarely seen on the market. One thing you can count on with Marlin is that there are no hard-and-fast rules for serial numbering on these guns. Many of the similar models were serialized together, and parts replacement further complicates things.

2006-08-19 13:33:15
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What year is a colt series 80 sn fc0xxxxx?

The only way to guarantee an answer to your question is for you to call Colt. They can tell you over the phone. Reference books are not up to date on serial numbers for the majoirty of newer production weapons. Blue Book of Gun values might have your sn in it.