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Why would a Mazda 626 stop running while you were driving and then not start again?


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2017-11-12 02:43:23
2017-11-12 02:43:23

My 1994 626 stalled as I was driving when the distributor/ignition module went out. This causes no spark to the engine and it won't start. Pull out one of the spark plugs, hold the tip against the metal valve cover, and have someone else crank the motor. If you don't see small sparks, it may be the distributor assembly. Autozone offers the best deal with the distributor assembly as it comes with a lifetime warranty. Costs about $170 if you reuse your cap and rotor. Somewhere I read that Ford will sell just the ignition module and coil separately, but it was easier for me to just buy the whole thing. The module and coil are two small black boxes on the distributor.

There are a number of other reasons for a motor to stop running. This is a common one for 93-2000 Probes/mx6/626. .

My car stopped running while driving because the timing belt broke.


I would like to add that we just need more information to help you properly as there are a lot of items that could potentially be the cause of your problem. Check for fuel with a cheap fuel pressure gauge at the fuel rail if you are getting decent pressure it shouldn't be that if low or no pressure (fuel pump), next check for spark, if your not getting spark (Crank sensor or ignition module/ distributor), the last item to check is compression if your compression is really low or none I would guess timing belt. Symptoms of broken timing belt engine turns over weaker than normal, no compression, etc) pull the cover off the timing belt to check if it is still in one piece.


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Many times an electronic fuel pump, that is going bad, will cause the engine to stop running and then start again. The fuel pump will eventually get worse.

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Because, strangely, you need gas to start a car.

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Maybe fuel vapor lock. Hard to pinpoint the cause with no 'hands on'

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when i am driving my toyato 2001 Eaco stops running, it will start back up

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