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I had the same problem on my 1996 Pontiac firebird, they told me that my ignition cylinder had went out. Maybe you could ask about that, I don't know what would cause that to go out though?

I had a similar problem 1998 Mystique LS. It was a burnt out relay. Also the ignition switch (what the key turns on...I'm not a mechanic I think that is what it was called) was worn and I had to replace switch.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:17:37
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Q: Why would a Mercury Mystique turn over but not start even after a jump?
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Why would a 1984 mercury grand marqis not start even with a new fuel pump but pump will come on when car is off?

Wired incorrectly?

What causes your automatic '98 Mercury Mystique to not go into gear and even though the stick does move up and down nothing happens.?

you probably need a new or overhauled transmission friend!

Can a 1995 Mercury Mystique engine be installed into a 1999 Mercury Mystique?

engine swapShort answer, no. Based on information from ADP Hollander. Edit:There should be no problem, provided that they were the same type, ie, two V6's or two I4's. I have the engine from a '96 Contour or Mystique in my 2000 Cougar with no problems, you wont even have to deal with the issue of return-vs-returnless fuel systems.

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there is no correct way of monitoring a oil level without a dip stick my suggestion is go get another dip stick even if you have to buy a new one the price is less that replacing the engine

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