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because men don't think it's always better to pick up yesterday's trash than to use good commonsense and think about the woman that's been their for him all the time when he realizes that old trash doesn't smell good he'll turn around and be looking for you and you won't be their so move on with your life and find a man that cares about you and respects you because he doesn't he's only out for himself. Whoa! Back da train up! You didn't explain what you classify as a bottom of the barrel woman. Could it be you have picked up a little of the narcissists traits along the way because you sure sound like it. Of course you are angry that not only he has lied to you, but is carrying on with another woman and one that lives next door. Don't be mad at the girl, be mad at him! He started it and even though she should have told him to take off, he is still At Fault. Consider yourself lucky. I find it odd that you consider yourself a bright woman, yet admmitted he's narcissistic and have stayed with him. Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does." We all make mistakes in the love department. One can't know another 100% because they don't know themselves 100%. I have no doubt you are a loving woman and really care about your relationships but even smart people make mistakes, so next time, pay attention to the guy you are with and see what his characteristics are before you go on a steady basis. Good luck Because he needs someone easier to control. They get exhausted constantly trying to wear a person down that has good qualities. It becomes work to them and too much a threat as they know you could get anohter man in a heartbeat so they look for someone easier to control

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Q: Why would a Narcissist dump a pretty smart hardworking loving woman for a bottom of the barrel type of woman who lives right next door to your mother's house?
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