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if u have install a psc2x ( ps2 emulator ) installed in ur system and ur games are not able to run game at good speed so it means ur processor is not so much heavy duty i will show u some requirements which u can run ps2 games at good speed on PC


1. PENTIUM 4 1.20 GHz

2. RAM OF 1 GB




these are the requirements if u have these then u r able to play ps2 game on ur PC otherwise running a ps2 game can only damage ur computer system and motherboard and built en hub....

i can tell u website where u can download emulator

and if u have any problem then contact me

i believe it's just crappy software! i have a 2.5 ghz core 2 quad cpu and 4 gb of ram and an ati hd 6870 graphics card and it lags something awful on my computer too! good idea but bad execution! it would be sweet to play God of War on the pc though! :-)

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โˆ™ 2012-07-05 10:09:39
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Q: Why would a PS2 emulator be running slow?
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Can you play ps2 games on your ps1 emulator?

No you need a PS2 emulator like PCSX2 and the PS2 bios and a computer capable of running the program

Can you get a ps2 emulator for PSP?

It would be a PSP emulator if it played PSP games. The PSP could not run a emulator to play PS2 games

Which is best software for running ps2 games on windows vista?

The pcsx2 emulator

How can you run ps2 games much faster in your PC if you have a celeron proc?

Processor is too slow to run a emulator for PS2 games

Is a DS emulator compatible with PS2?

No, a DS emulator is not compatible with the PS2

Is their a ps2 emulator for Xbox?

No the Xbox could not run an emulator for the PS2

If you have a PS2 emulator can you put a PS2 disk in your laptop and play it?

no The PS2 emulator works on very few games and does not include the PS2 Bio which you would also have to download from somewhere. In theory the system would work as you want, but it never has.

If you have a PS2 emulator how do you run PS2 games on it?

you can install a emulator and then run a disk of ps2 and play nicely!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a PS2 emulator for Android?

No, there is no PS2 emulator for the Android. Several phony companies sell try to apps for a PS2 emulator, but they are not real working apps.

Is there a ps2 emulator for psp and where you can download it?

There is no PS2 emulator for PSP. It's just not possible to do that.

How can you play PS2 games on your Windows Vista?

Only if you install a PCSX2 emulator can some PS2 games be played on PCs capable of running it

Where can you find free download for ps2 9.8 emulator bios?

The Bios is not for the emulator and must come from your PS2 for the emulator to be considered legal

How do you get PS2 games for your PS2 emulator?

the internet

Is a CD needed to play ps2 emulator your PC?

Read about the PS2 emulator on the related link

Where will you put the bios in PS3 emulator?

There are no PS3 emulators and the bios file for the PS3 would not work in a PS2 emulator

Where do you place the PS2 bios file in the PS2 emulator pcsx2 so that it works?

The PCSX2 guide and the other related links are a start to explaining the process. Setting up a running a emulator requires an individual knowledgeable in computers

Your ps2 games is too slow in your PC?

You PC is not at the recommended level and only at the minimum requirements level see related link The emulator needs a certain PC requirement to be able to run frames at 50-60 fps. The emulator do not work like a PS2 and if you are expecting the ease of a PS2 to run your PS2 games you show get a PS2.

Does ps2 games work in a PS1 emulator?

No a PS2 emulator is much more complex and PS2 games can not be run in PS1 emulation

How does ps2 emulator works?

see both the related links for information on the best working PS2 emulator.

Which one is best PS2 emulator?

PCSX2 is the only PS2 emulator to consider and they are working on Version 9.9

Is a Playstation 2 emulator illegal?

The emulator is legal if you download your PS2 Bios from a PS2 you purchased according to them. Downloading the Bios from a site would be a copyright violation at the least and not legal

Can you play PS ROM's on a PS2 emulator?

No on a PS emulator

Where can you download a PlayStation 2 emulator for psp?

There is a PS2 emulator but it is for a PC the PSP could not run a PS2 game

Where can you download the working PS2 emulator?

The related link has a download for the PCSX2 emulator that requires a PS2 bios to become a working emulator. The Bios must be downloaded from a PS2 you purchased so that legally the software belonged to you.

What is the function of PS2 emulator?

It allows you to play PS2 games.