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I just had one in the shop here. You may also notice that your coolant guage shows lower than it used to. This is likely a coolant temperature sensor, located on the back of the cylinder head. It is giving out of range readings of the engine temperature, and will be most noticed on startup. It is very important to remember to check the pigtail when changing the sensor because corrosion is what usually wrecks the sensor in the first place. It is too difficult to clean the pigtail so replacement is a strong recommendation. Any Saturn dealer should have it. Abe G.

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Q: Why would a Saturn SL1 vibrate violently and the service engine soon light blink when the car is started?
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check cv axles, transmission, and tires.

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I would look for vacuum leaks.

What causes a 2001 Saturn SC1 to shake or vibrate occasionally?

Low pressure in the tires can cause shaking, the alignment can cause shaking also.

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Get the codes using a scanner

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check your engine mounts..I am not sure where they are but if you can move the engine with a prybar you need new mounts..they arent to expensive

Is galpin motors in N Hills California an authorized Saturn service provider?

Yes, we are. We can service your Saturn at Galpin locations in North Hills, Mission Hills and Santa Clarita! You can schedule an appointment at the nearest location to you by calling 800.256.6219.

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What can cause a 2001 Saturn engine to vibrate at idle and up to 2900 rpm either driving or at standstill?

The upper engine mount is collapsed. On the passenger side by the coolant reservoir look at the mount If you see 1/4 inch or more gap the mount is collapsed and will cause the whole car to vibrate

Service light come on and off on a Saturn 2000 ls1?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

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