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Why would a Stevens 16 not have any markings on the barrel or receiver?

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No markings were legally required until 1968 (serial numbers). Stevens didn't always mark their guns with a model number, but I've never seen one of their guns without the company name on the barrel. It's possible that the barrel has been replaced or it may have been cleaned a bit too harshly (is the finish completely gone?) or lost when it was polished for a re-blue (does there appear to be more finish than you would expect?).

i have a j Stevens a&t co 325 SxS and it has no marking on the barrels however it is marked on the action on the gun and the serial numbers are on almost every pice including the barrel asembly so i know in at least that case the barrels are not marked with a company name or anything besideds a serial number on the bottom of the barrels

2011-09-13 17:18:40
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How do you determine year of a Stevens model 311A 16 gauge double-barrel shotgun?

The Stevens model 311 was discontinued in the year 1989.You would have to contact Savage/Stevens to get the actual age of your double barrel shotgun.

How to remove barrel from Stevens model 67 series e shotgun?

The barrels are threaded into the receiver and not meant to be replaced by the average hunter. You would need to fabricate a barrel vise and receiver wrench to separate the two pieces. Also the barrels come in two different thread pitches 1' and 1.05" so be sure of what you have before purchasing. Unless it's broken, leave it alone.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Springfield side by side double barrel manufactured in Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

I too would like some information regarding a 20 gauge J. Stevens Arms Company 'Springfield' double barrel shotgun, the only other markings are 5000 on the right side plate and a circled 22 near the trigger guard.

How do you mount a scope on a savage Stevens model 72 crackshot?

Either the barrel or receiver would have to be drilled and tapped or some form of barrel clamp would be required to hold the scope. At this point, given that the rifle is over 75 years old and no longer manufactured (read: parts are not available off the shelf and manufacture of same is expensive and difficult), your best choice would be to not do it.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co 254DB 16ga shotgun?

I can say that the marking stevens Arms and Tool company was marked on stevens made firearms from 1886-1915.This time period would include your double barrel shotgun.As to value that would dpend on your shotgun having steel barrel or Damascus twist steel barrel(BLACKPOWDER ONLY).The ovreall condition would also be important.

What is a Stevens lever action 44-shot worth?

Would have to identify exactly which model Stevens rifle you have. Need ALL of the markings. And, condition is everything, so digital pictures would help.

Did Stevens make a model 337 shotgun?

All my records indicate that stevens did not make a model 337 shotgun.If your stevens shotgun is marked U337 under the receiver,this would be a serial number,not a model number.

How would you find value of a 22 long rifle with markings of trail blazer on the barrel?

50-100 USD

What does ek mean on Remington 510?

On the barrel in front of receiver would tell you it was made in Oct 1941.

How can you determine the model of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass single shot?

It can be difficult, since they were not marked on the early singles. Would have to know how the barrel is constructed, type of action, receiver profile, etc.

Single barrel hammer shotgun and would like to know the value of it?

Provide a detailed description including gauge, barrel length, all markings, overall condition and finish.

You have Stevens 12gage single barrel 1078 or 107B and am looking to buy a barrel for it need answers would be good?

Gun shop, gun show, want ad

What are facts about Western Field double barrel shotguns?

That would be a Stevens/Savage 315 with a Montgomery Ward name.

Ithaca double barrel damascus London twist and cant find the serial no where would it be don twist 12 ga shot gun and cant find the serial no where would it be?

It is a four digit number on the receiver under the right side barrel, open the gun and look deep on the receiver,

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made in Spain with Stylex New Orleans on the barrel?

Would need to know ALL the markings on the gun to properly ID it.

What is the value or a J Stevens Arms 22 LR with Octagon barrel model 1915 named the favorite?

The value of a J Stevens Arms 22 LR with Octagon barrel would depend on a couple different things. The most important being the condition.

Can you Name the section of a rifle serving to close aperture in the barrel?

I would think the bolt sliding forward in the receiver would close the aperture.

What is the value of a Winchester model 98 cannon?

Prior t0 1958 the 98 depending on condition and barrel markings would start at 900.00 range. If barrel is marked (not for ball) on the top this model would start at about 1400.00.

What company manufactured a double barrel shotgun with a diamond symbol with an E inside of it?

Would need to know the other markings as well.

Where can you get parts for a old Stevens double barrel shotgun?

Tom, a good place to start would be e-gunparts on the web.

How can you tell what model Stevens single barrel shotgun i have?

Complete description and pictures would help, otherwise, can't be done.

Who manufactured Eastern Arms Company 16 gage with markings 101 1 and 94 B?

That would be a Stevens 94B sold by Sears Roebuck.

What is the model and age of a J Stevens pat 1794 22 LR lever action single shot with saddle ring and octagonal barrel?

This description could fit any one of a half dozen or more boy's rifles manufactured from the mid 1890's to the 1930's. There was a "revival" of the Stevens Favorite in the 1990's. Would have to know ALL the markings and where they are located to positively identify it.

What is information on a J Stevens double barrel hammer-cap shotgun?

I would have to do some searching to verify this, but I don't believe Stevens ever made a shotgun using percussion caps.

What was the original barrel length on a 410 Springfield Arms double barrel patented Apr 20 1915?

Several lengths were available on Stevens double barrel shotguns. 30 inches would be the most common, but 28 or 32 would not be uncommon and 26, 34 or even 36 would not be impossible.