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Very delicateThe blood vessels in your eyes are very sensitive. You can burst one by just sneezing. Don't worry about a little bit of blood. Go and see a doctor if it happens regularly or if the amount of blood obscures most of the white of your eye.

Added info: When this happens, the blood slowly spreads between tissue layers. It the vessel is on the side where it is hidden, a day or more may pass between the event that started it and the appearance of blood at the front, as well as when it stops slowly spreading out. The body will reabsorb it, but it can take weeks. Vomiting is not an uncommon cause.

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Q: Why would a blood vessel in the eye break without any trauma to the eye?
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Can you die from a broken blood vessel?

It depends on when the break occurred and how much blood is lost from the vessel. If on the brain a large break can kill.

Can farting make you break your blood vessel or is it a hoax?

That is a hoax. Flatulence (farting) does not break blood vessels.

What are blood vessel spasms stimulated by?

When you cut or break a blood vessel, it stimulates the smooth muscles causing a vasospasm.This helps with blood loss.

Can a blood vessel break in the head?

Yes. If a blood vessel is weakened or has a growth, it can burst. When the latter happens, it's called an aneurysm.

Clotting begins when a what occurs in a blood vessel wall?


Clotting begins when what occurs in a blood vessel wall?


Do platelets form a plug that seals a break in a blood vessel?


Why is there Blood in the ear after bumping head?

Trauma to the skull caused blood vessel to break. Serious if it leads to pressure on the brain. Consult ER personnel at your local hospital. Recent " House " episode ( old rerun I'm sure ) dealt with this very thing almost becoming fatal.

What kind of wound occurs when skin scrapes against a hard surface and tiny blood vessel break the outer layer of skin?

An abrasion occurs when skin scrapes against a hard surface and tiny blood vessel break the outer layer of skin.

What would cause a blood vessel near the eye to break?

Giving birth (not uncommon because of the pushing in labor) or lifting a heavy object. Usually the blood vessel will mend on it's own, but if it doesn't see your doctor.

Why my leg's blood vessel easily break?

you can break a blood vessel in your leg just by hitting it a couple times or even when you are exercising and pull it and it pops... you cannot feel it at all for example earlier today when i was playing softball i was pitching and i had hit my leg 3 or 4 times and now i have red blotches all over my upper thigh

How could you brake a bone?

You break a bone from direct or indirect trauma. Direct trauma is a blow or a fall and indirect trauma when you twist or turn and if the bone is diseased it can snap

How do you break you ankle?

By excessive stress or trauma on that part of the body.

Can someone tell me what a aortic aneurysm is?

This is a stress related blood vessel break. It is caused by high stress or elevated blood pressure due to exercise. More information can be found on medical websites.

What does excoriation mean?

Break in the skin caused by surface trauma; Scratch

Arm red and swollen at injection site after shooting cocaine?

Go to your nearest emergency room, now! This is likely a DVT (blood clot). The blood clot can break loose and lodge in a blood vessel of a lung, causing a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Can you break your spleen?

Yes, and it is called a 'ruptured spleen'. Accidents that apply trauma to the abdominal area often rupture the spleen, and it must then be removed by surgery because the spleen is a repository for blood and someone can bleed out internally if the spleen isn't removed. You can live without your spleen just fine, by the way.

What would the jugular vein do when you chain saw it?

The jugular is one of the largest veins in the body, used to bring deoxygenated blood from the head back to the heart. If anything were to break this blood vessel, there would be a significant loss of blood would result. There would be no blood flow from the brain back to the heart.

Can trauma exacerbate a herpes outbreak on the lip?

Depends on what type of trauma it is. If it's causing you a lot of stress or lowering your immune system then that can trigger or aggravate a break out.

How do you get rid of a broken blood vessel at the back of your eye?

A broken blood vessel will go away on it's own with time. Don't mess with it too much. You wouldn't want to cause any more to break. For most, two to three weeks (this is being conservative). If the problem persists, gets worse or involves pain, contact your doctor. If the blood vessel popped due to eye pressure, you need to contact your doctor immediately. This could lead to more sever consequences.

I have blood clots, and need to know the symptoms. Are they deadly, or very painful If so, how do I treat them?

blood clots they can affect you in many way you can have you in your heart that will cause you to die. You could have one in your leg and that will cause a sharp pain and lose of function in your leg. and blood colts are formed when there is a break in the blood vessel wall.

Is it possible to break your pupil?

Eye trauma can damage the muscle that controls pupil size.

What does compression fractures mean?

A compression fracture occurs when the bones are broken due to some type of trauma. Usually, the trauma, has to be quite large in order to break the bone.

Why would someone loose blood without injury?

Some people have poor circulation and veins or capillaries break.

How do you break a leg?

Bones are broken as a result of high force impact or stress on the particular bone. You could break a leg as the result of a fall, car accident, or even a fight. Anything that causes severe trauma on the bone can cause it to break. Some people have underlying diseases, such as osteoporosis, that can weaken the bones. For them, it would take less trauma to break the bone.