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yes and no. he could be shy because he does not know you or maybe he does like you. You never know nless you ask him...

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How do you say Your Welcome in Portuguese?

Depends. If you mean "Your welcome" as a response for instance to a "Thank You", then it's "De nada". If you mean "Your welcome" to your home for instance, it would be "Benvindo".

Can you say you're welcome for no thank you?

"No, thank you" is "No, gracias." Usually, people say "de nada" or "it's nothing" when they mean "You are welcome." Literally, "welcome" is "bienvenido" which you would use in greeting someone as a guest.

What does you're welcome mean?

Answer You are welcome. It is usually given in response to "thank you".

What is the Spanish translation for you are welcome?

if it is in terms of you are welcome to my home then bienvenido (welcome) if you mean as in you are welcome from thank you then por nada or de nada.

How do you say thank you you too in Indonesian?

Thank you too?You mean You're welcome? We say "Sama-sama" here.

What does nie ma za co mean in polish?

It means "you are welcome" and is a common response to thank you. Literally it means "there is nothing [to thank] for".

What does shokran mean?

Shokran means thank you in Arabic. In case you were wondering Afwan means you are welcome. :)

What does paracalor mean in Greek?

It is παρακαλώ [parakalo], meaning "I peg", "Please", or "(you are) welcome" {as a response to: "Thank you"}

What does Danke mean?

Thanks (informal) Thank you (formal) A good reply to this is "Bitte" meaning you are welcome (it can also mean "excuse me")

How do say you're welcome in Ukrainian?

Proshu, bud' laska is "thank you" in Ukrainian. It can also mean "please"

How do you say you're welcome in Latin?

It depends on what you mean. If you are referring to "you're welcome" as the response to "thank you", then you should say "Libenter", meaning "gladly" If you mean to say "you're welcome" as in "you may enter" or "your presence is desired", then you should say, "Salūtātiō!", meaning "greetings!".

What does je t'en prie mean in English?

Je t'en prie is a common answer to "thank you". It stands for 'you're welcome'.

What does it mean when you told a guy thank you for breakfast but he says no thank YOU?

He likes you, and is saying that your company at breakfast was more than worth the money/effort it cost him.

What does this mean 'You never can have too many thank you's'?

I guess it would have to mean that you can never thank people enough. So thank-you very much for posting this question. I guess it would have to mean that you can never thank people enough. So thank-you very much for posting this question.

What does a guy mean when he says thank you at the end of a date?

well if i were to say thank you at the end of a date it would probably mean just simply you no ...thank you

How do you say thank you and you're welcome in Finland?

Thank you=kiitos If you mean youre welcome to my (eg) house its tervetuloa but if you mean that someone (eg) drops a coin and you give it back to him/her theres no word your welkome PS Sorry about my English. Im half finnish half Chinese so im not good at enlish.

If someone says mercy what should you reply?

if you mean in french , when it means thank you, then i would type "no problem" or "its okay" into a word translator on the internetMerci in French is "thank you" "De rien" is one reply that means you are welcome or you can use "pas de quoi".

What is the chuukese word for Welcome?

The Chuukese word for welcome depends on what time of day. For example: Morning- Ran anim....After noon-Nekunion Anim.....Night- Nepwong Anim. But if you mean welcome when you say Thank you then you say Kinisou back.

Why would guy stare at girl after finding out she likes him?

It could mean that he likes the girl that likes him. :)

What is bi ta in German?

Bitte means please. It may also mean you're welcome after someone says Danke (Thank you.)

What is a proprietory colony?

a proprietory colony is a colony ruled by one person but he/she is not a king....... ur welcome and ill be expecting a thank you who ever wrote this is just weird im mean a thank u

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