Why would a boy stand so close to a girl he likes and yet ask her why she is staring at him?

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He is probably nervous (: its okay though. just kisss him already!!!!! <3333333
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How does a girl ask a boy out but he don't like her?

Answer . \nSince I don't know your ages, I'll be kind of generic.\n. \nMany times, boys will seem to be mean, or uninterested, or say they don't like you when actually, they do. They're just afraid of asking you out!\n. \nIt seems you like this boy but you feel he doesn't like you. Well, first ( Full Answer )

You like this girl for year but you didn't ask her out yet?

Islamically, it is actually forbidden for a male and female to be in a relationship because it could leads to a sinful actions. It is always better to be on the safe sides. However, if you keeps on liking this girl... seek Allah's help and try to read Quran and gain the knowledge... make duas (suppl ( Full Answer )

You and this girl text each other for 3 - 4 hours and she asked if you like her yet tells me she likes some boy on a bus so does she really like me or the other guy?

Answer . If you want to know how she feels about you then ask her out on a date. You could go to a movie. Why just sit and text for 3 - 4 hours when you could be out having fun and get to know her. Just because she may like a boy on the same bus she takes (and you take) doesn't mean she's dating ( Full Answer )

Would this boy like me if he was shy when I talked to him once and he did like a flirty smile when I caught him staring at me but my friend asked if he liked me and he said no?

He probably likes you if the first time you guys talked he was shy.Just think how many guys are shy when they are with girls they alltry to act tough and big. If you caught him staring he is probablywaiting for you to stare back at him. He was on the spot and hedoesn't want to let his secret out tha ( Full Answer )

How would you know if a guy likes you when this guy is so close to girls?

I go to an all guys school. (and no I am not gay) Still, I have a lot of close friends who are girls and I have been asked if I liked one of them because of "how I acted" around her. They thought I was flirting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just comfortable with all of my girl friends.. There is this one gi ( Full Answer )

You like a girl but she is so cute how do you ask her out?

Talk to her and ask her if she is free on such a night. If she is ask her if she would like to do someething. Don't leave it up to her to pick a place. You think of where you think she might like to go and suggest it to her.

This boy asked someone out and they said no know hes been staring at them and i heard his friends talking and they said you have to do it today so does he like them?

Well just because you hear him and his friends talking doesn't mean that they're talking about that they could be talking about something way off from that. Like i thought that about someone and turns out they were talking about getting a Christmas present for one of his family members and i felt li ( Full Answer )

Do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts and if so why do they Include if you are a boy or a girl in your answer?

It's very possible that they do that because when you stand up that's what they ussally look at.The reason why is because...They probally judge you with there friends or they like you but they cant help it NO BOY CAN, Its phiscally impossible.:]] Sorry if i guy stares at a girls boobies then yo ( Full Answer )

Would you agree girls asking boys out?

no i don't agree because it is weird when the girls ask out the boys. the boys are the one who are supost to ask out the girls not the girls asking out the boys. that is not how it work..

Do boys like it when girls ask them out?

I think so. I personally believe it should go both ways. Girls feel most comfortable when they are asked out by the guy, but it's cool either way. . Well, some boys think that if the girls ask them out, it would make them feel kind of useless, but most boys like it because it takes the pressure of ( Full Answer )

Ask a girl what she like in a boy?

You could trick her, maybe if this other boy in your class has this new hairstyle that is spiky, ask her what she thinks of his new hair :) If she likes it, call the hair salon!

Why do boys like staring at girls chest a lot?

As boys grow into men they have whats called testosterone and thiscan make them horny or sexually interested and one of the thingsthey enjoy doing is staring at girls chests This is because the males are sexually attracted to the females'breasts. These are a sensitive part to the females' body and ( Full Answer )

How would a boy ask a girl out?

Unlike girls, guys actually go up to the girl they like and asks her out themselves. Some girls might be to scared to be rejected. I'm a guy who would be scared of that too. But I'm gonna find out about it anyway. Do whatever you like, but I'm always going to tell the girl I like that I like her. ( Full Answer )

If you have this girls number that you like but you haven't asked her out in a date yet you have had it for a while what should you do How would you ask her on a date should it be by text or phone?

i know its probably really hard and embarrassing but get her without her group of friends and ask her in person. its so much more personal than by text but if you do it by cell phone, call her and tell her you were too embarrassed to do it in person. u will fell accomplished after and girls know it ( Full Answer )

Why boys dont ask girls out if they like them?

Even if a boy likes you, there are many reasons why he might not ask you out. He could be scared that you'll turn him down, or he might just not be ready to date yet. Peer pressure also factors in, as his reputation is at stake if you turn him down. As I said, there are many reasons. But keep your h ( Full Answer )

Why are boys so shy to ask out this girl?

Because they are with the person the like. If your with the person you like you will get butterfly's, smile alot , laugh at stuff that aren't even funny, you'll tease each other , playfully hit each other. Even players are shy when it comes to the girl they like even though they had many experie ( Full Answer )

What thing must a boy do so that girls would like him?

im a girl, and i like boys who are just themselves, and dont try to be a different person i also like nicer guys and gentlemens, but be careful because some girls like a bad guy also, not raping stares, cos they are FREAKY. good luck, duude

Why would a girl ask you who do you like?

Well I'm a girl...if you were a boy and I was asking you this question it will probably because I fancy you and I wanna see who you like so you should answer with something romantic.

How does a girl ask a boy if he like her?

If he seems he does a lot at a moment she will say " do you like me or something" or other than that she gets a friend to ask them for her

Why a girl like asking boys for things?

Sum gals jst like attractin boys..and sum think dat nly a boy will help her to get her needfull things..cause a guy couldnt jealous of her unlike girl can do..;-) and well sumtimes she jst want to make frndship with guys :-)