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idle not set right, need tune-up, or dirty injectors

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Q: Why would a camaro 2.8L v6 stalls if no gas given when cold but runs fine after a while of warming up?
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Why does your car stalls while accelaration?

the rate at which velocity changes velocity=speed in a given direction

Your 86 camaro keeps stalling it cuts out its very hard to get it started each time it stalls .the idle keeps changing harshly while drivingwhat do i do?

Scrap it!

Why engine stalls while driving and sometimes at stops?

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

Your engine stalls while in gear?

clutch switch is bad

Car stalls when slowing down?

Whenever any vehicle stalls while driving it should be seen by a mechanic soon. It can be the a issues with the computer, ignition, or fuel.

My 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving?

If your 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving, you may have clogged fuel injectors or a bad distributor. Check the distributor first, as this is the easiest to replace.

2000 gmc jimmy engine stalls while driving?

One reason that a 2000 GMC Jimmy engine stalls while driving could be your filter needing to be changed. The problem could also be a bad sensor.

Which is faster Camaro ss or mustang saleen?

Believe Saleen as it has been modified while Camaro SS is a stock Vehicle

Car starts fine in the morning but after driving for a while it stalls out?

car starts but shut off while driving

What can cause a 98 Camaro 3.8 to stall unexpectedly while driving sometimes it could be 5 minutes or even two weeks before it stalls again I've had the ignition control module replaced twice?

crank sensor is getting hot/ bad crank sensor

2002 Cadillac STS stalls while driving?

Not a question. Operator error.

Engine stalls or dies when stopping or turning?

The idle speed needs adjusted upward if an engine stalls when you take your foot off the accelerator while stopping or turning.

Your 92 dodge Dakota stalls randomly while driving?

my 1992 dodge dakota wont stay running it stalls when driving and takes a few minutes to get started but if i wait it will start

2002 Cadillac STS stalls while driving why?

Needs crankshaft sensor and or camshaft sensor

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Sometimes the engine stalls while the captain is busy steering.

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My 1999 villager stalls while driving?

could be a vacuum leak >>

How do you fix a Chrysler sebring lxi that stalls while driving in same spot?

crankshaft posistion sensor

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What would make a 1998 Sonoma truck stall at certain times while driving. The truck still has lights and power during times it stalls But stalls while driving. Any ideas?

a loose transmission or shifter rod might move the gears around a bit and make it stall

Will a Camaro engine fit into a 07 cobalt?

While anything is possible, being that the Camaro is RWD and the Cobalt is a FWD car, it would be extraordinarily cost-prohibitive to do so, so the practical answer would be no.

Can you put a 4.8 engine in a 2001 Chevy Camaro?

While anything is theoretically possible, the practical answer to this would be no.

Why does your 1988 Chevrolet Camaro die when you give it gas while idling?

you are flooding the engine