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Why would a car air condition freeze?

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Low air flow. If you have a low air flow as produced by the fan blowing the air cooled air inside, then the coils will have a tendency to freeze. The explanation is that the air flow, warms the refrigerant up as it cools the air in the process. If the air flow is low, the refrigerant does not heat up as much, so that when it loops back to pass through the expansion valve, it is starting off cooler than before and thus becomes colder with each pass, until the coils freeze up on the inside and the AC fails to work properly. Low refrigerant. The second issue of the refrigerant being low in the unit is based on the above principle as well. Remember that when the freon passes through the expansion valve it expands and thus cools. Well, if there is less refrigerant in the coils as it passes through the expansion valve, then the refrigerant is allowed to expand even more than before because it has more room. Since it can now expand even more, it will thus cool that much more. As the refrigerant level drops, this expansion increases more and more, until this chilling process begins to freeze up the coils on the inside and the unit fails. So have your unit checked by a professional. You more than likely have a leak and it needs to be repaired before adding more refrigerant.

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Is the car air condition connected to the antifreeze?


Can a clogged filter cause an evaporator to freeze?

A dirty cabin air filter in your car or a dirty air filter in your home can reduce the amount of air that goes across the evaporator. When that happens, you aren't pulling enough heat out of your home/car and the AC lines including the evaporator, can freeze and completely block the air.

Is it safe to use propane in a car air condition system?

NO! You would never put propane in an air conditioning system! For air conditioning to work it needs FREON. Depending on your car you need to find out what kind of freon it requires, as well.

Will a car battery be good after it freeze?

If it does freeze, no. The ice would damage the plates/circuitry maybe even the case.

When was the first air condition used in a car?

in 1930 was a ford truck

Why would anti-freeze leak from under the car?

Failed gasket, seal, hose, freeze plug, radiator.......

What things are in the comfort system of a car?

Air Condition, Heat, Air Vents, seat position, and steering wheel

Why does 1999 Lincoln town car air conditioning freeze up?

Too much or too little refrigerant.

If you need a freeze plug can your car run hot?

I think you would know if you needed a freeze out plug for you would be losing coolant & losing coolant would make your ride run hot.

How do you purge air out of a car?

Why would you want to empty air out of your car - if it were possible to actually do this and create a vacuum inside the car, the atmospheric pressure would crush it.

How does car air condition works?

According to top gear, it is a mouse who breaths from a straw

Air condition leaks inside of car?

Leaks water? The condensation drain is plugged.

Where is the air condition located in a 1994 Lincoln Town Car?

The air conditioning compressor is on the right side of the engine on the bottom.

Hot air is coming out of the car air condition is off Honda civic?

heater control cable not adjusted properly?

What part of the car holds anti-freeze?

The radiator

How do i know whats wrong with my car?

The problem is that your probably not blowing into the muffler to mix air in with the engine or you could be out of blinker fluid. Your cars fusion reactor could also be shorting out. In that case you would have to freeze your car for 100 days to fix it.

Why does your car air condition blow hot air when idle?

Your car can only create cold air if the engine is running to make the coolant work correctly. If your car is idle, your engine is still hot but your engine isn't running so the air you are receiving is actually air heated by the engine.

How do you replace the air filter on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

what air filter do I change to help air condition flow. You car referring to a cabin air filter which this vehicle does not have.

Why would car be overheating?

could be damaged or clogged radiator,low on anti-freeze,cooling fan is damaged,cooling fan cover was removed (it directs the air flow through the radiator)

What would happen to a car if there was no gravity or air?

If no gravity or air existed the car would never have been invented. It will not work in the absence of either.

Does a cold air or short ram intake make a car run too lean and is a fuel regulator or fuel-air controller required?

In a fuel injected car, the oxygen sensor would adjust for any lean condition. More fuel is generally needed for cold air conditions.

Why does your spectacles become foggy when you come out of a air-condition room?

as the air inside the car cannot escape from a closed atmosphere the cool air inside the car is condensed in the form of water vapour in the spectacles.

Does water dripping from an air-conditioner is safe for drinking?

I think my puppy drank water from car leaking from air condition

What would the shot gun be worth?

We need to know make, model and condition. Sort of like asking what is a car worth- it depends on the car and the condition.

Does running the air condition cause car to use more coolant?

No... But it increases fuel consumption