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Why would a car air condition freeze?

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2007-06-20 13:13:47

Low air flow. If you have a low air flow as produced by the fan

blowing the air cooled air inside, then the coils will have a

tendency to freeze. The explanation is that the air flow, warms the

refrigerant up as it cools the air in the process. If the air flow

is low, the refrigerant does not heat up as much, so that when it

loops back to pass through the expansion valve, it is starting off

cooler than before and thus becomes colder with each pass, until

the coils freeze up on the inside and the AC fails to work

properly. Low refrigerant. The second issue of the refrigerant

being low in the unit is based on the above principle as well.

Remember that when the freon passes through the expansion valve it

expands and thus cools. Well, if there is less refrigerant in the

coils as it passes through the expansion valve, then the

refrigerant is allowed to expand even more than before because it

has more room. Since it can now expand even more, it will thus cool

that much more. As the refrigerant level drops, this expansion

increases more and more, until this chilling process begins to

freeze up the coils on the inside and the unit fails. So have your

unit checked by a professional. You more than likely have a leak

and it needs to be repaired before adding more refrigerant.

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