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Check your spark plug wires, you could have an ark (arch) not sure on spelling. At low rpms, you have less voltage going through wires, which means.. when you push more power, it will have a stronger connection. If that isn't the case, check your fuel pump or filter. Also, to help answer your question, tell the world if it happens when it's cold, or hot, or all the time. -Eddie

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Q: Why would a car bog at low RPM but drive smooothly at higher RPM?
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Is it possible to buy a hard drive for a laptop that spins at the higher speed of 7200 rpm?

Currently the fastest speeds are 10000 rpm for most available Hard drives. This only generally indicates that a HDD is superior, although you'd not pick a 5400 rpm drive because it would be slow.

Can you combine a 5400 rpm hard drive with a 7200 rpm hard drive?

In a raid? Yes. By mashing them together to create a 12600 rpm drive? No.

Will driving in 2nd gear instead of drive hurt my car?

It will cause the engine to run at a much higher RPM thus burning more fuel. If you are forced to drive like this, I would not exceed 50 mph.

What's RPM for hard drives?

Revolution per minute is a measurement of how fast the drive platters rotate. Usually a faster rotation means faster access and read/write speeds. However most users would not notice the difference between a 5400 rpm drive and a 7200 rpm drive. The 10000 rpm drive is usually reserved for high end gaming.

Will an ignition coil fail at a higher rpm under load but not at idle?

Yes it would

Would you notice a difference between a hard drive with 7200 RPM and a hard drive with 4200 RPM I want make sure I get a very fast laptop.?

Yes you would notice a difference. Also, if you can get a HD with a better cache, you would notice a difference as well.

Does a higher rpm make your computer go faster?

Basically, yes. Assuming you're referring to the hard drive, the RPM is how fast the drive spins. If it spin faster, it can locate the data faster, but keep in mind it will also use more energy and get hotter.

Will your video games load faster if they are installed on a hard drive other than the boot drive?

That is entirely dependent upon the speed of the hard drive, if the other hard drive has a higher RPM, or read/write time, then yes it will.

What is the maximum RPM of a hard disk drive?

15000 rpm by seagate cheetah

What is the speed of rotating floppy disk drive?

300 rpm or 360 rpm

What are the three spindle speeds for a magnetic hard drive drive?

Common current values are 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, and 10000 rpm. However, these are not the only possible values.

If you have motor rpm motor shaft sizeblower pulley size how you get blower rpm?

Drive Pulley = pulley on motor Driven Pulley = pulley on blower First determine your Ratio - divide large pulley size by small pulley size this will give you gear ratio, Example 2" drive pulley and a 4" Driven Pulley = 2:1 gear ratio If you know your motor shaft RPM divide that number by the ratio to get the RPM of the driven pulley, if your shaft rpm is 1800 rpm you would divide 1800 by 2 which would = 900 rpm on your driven pulley if your drive pulley is larger than than your driven pulley you multiply the rpm by the ratio example 1800 rpm x 2 = 3600 rpm

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