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More details would be helpful. However if your car is using too much oil it has to be either going on the ground or thru the engine. Please try to clarify and give more details for instance how much oil is it using? Has the car sit for a long time? Is there any sign of oil on the engine itself? Is there any signs of oil underneath the car look well at the underside of the floor board? , EzForJesus

It could be that the piston rings have rubbed the side of the cylinder and caused wear ,you may have to have the engine rebuilt. You can't always see the smoke. It may only smoke when you are traveling at high speeds and disperses in the wind.

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Q: Why would a car burn oil when it does not leak or blow blue smoke?
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Why does your Briggs and Stratton emit white Smoke and burn oil?

White smoke is eaither a blown head gasket or you have water in the fuel system. This is not to be confused with flooding an engine and seeing white vapor coming out of the exaust in which that would NOT be smoke, it would be gas vapor's. If your burning oil, the smoke will be blue and smells of burnt oil.

What is causing thick white smoke from exhaust Geo Tracker?

Thick white smoke is caused when coolant gets into a cylinder and from there into the exhaust. It is a sign that if it is not fixed real soon, you will blow or burn up your engine.

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What causes white smoke to be emitted from the exhaust during start up on a 1995 Suburban?

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