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Since you don't know what kind of car you have, the year or the engine size, I'l throw an idea-Coolant temperature sensor for the ecm. This reads the temperature of the engine and tells the computer parameters for the fuel air mixture. If the ecm gets bad info it may richen or lean out the fuel to the extent that it affects combustion.

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Q: Why would a car have problems starting when the engine is cold?
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If the engine oil is low how will you know before the warning light comes on. Will there be a problem on cold starting?

no you will not know unless you check it. and yes it will have problems starting

Ford f250 diesel 7.3 cold starting problems?

glow plugs, glow plug relay, poor compression on engine are some things that will give problems

What is cold starting a motor vehicle engine?

Means to start the engine while it is cold (And has not been running for a few hours so the engine has gone cold)

Does engine require more starting amps hot than cold?


Isuzu Rodeo cold start problems?

Check the Rodeo choke to make sure that is closes when its cold. A bad choke will give you starting problems in the cold.

Your car has trouble starting when it is cold It will crank but you have to pump the gas to get it to start After it has been running it does fine and can be started with no problems?

It would help to know what year and model you have but if it is fuel injected try replacing the engine coolant sensor.

You can not start your Mercedes Benz car when engine is hot however it easily start when engine is cold?

Yes the reason for that is because the engine is over heated and when its cold the engine is nice and cold perfect for starting conditions.

What would cause a 1990 Chev lumina to flood when cold starting it?

if you press the pedal to much that is what can cause the engine to flood

If a 1994 RX7 has difficulty starting but runs fine after it warms up what is the problem?

try replacing the black coolant thermistor located on the back of the thermostat housing this maybe tellin the ecu that the engine is warm rather than cold causing problems starting when cold

Would belt tensioner make loud squealing noise from engine when cold then go away when engine warmed up?

why is there squeek noise when starting and then goes away when engine warms up

Would cold weather cause any starter related problems on a 1998 Chevy Z71 pickup with 350cid V8 engine?

When a engine is real cold, The oil in it becomes thick and heavy, The intire engine contracks and everything inside of it gets tighter then it would be if is was warm. So in terms; The starter has to be in good working condition to be able to turn the engine over. There's alot of starter problems in the winter time.

Why would a 2000 Tacoma with 201000 miles have problems accelerating when the engine is cold but is OK once it gets warmed up?

It was a coil pack.

What would cause a 1992 Chevy astro with a v 6 4.3l and a throttle body carb on a new engine will not start when it gets cold it has all new elec and timing is set right?

Poor starting when cold indicates choke problems, make sure it is closing when cold and opening as it warms up, to test cover the throttle body with your hand and have someone crank the engine when it normally would have trouble starting and if it starts right up but dies when you remove your hand then that is it, also check fuel delivery such as fuel filter, and spark plug condition.

Why would a 2001toyota tacoma not sift gears when engine is cold?

Why would a 2001 toyota tacoma not sift gears when engine is cold?

Why does 3.5L engine knock on cold start up?

Worn main bearings sometimes knock when cold starting

Does a car cover help with cold starting?

A car cover actually will not provide to much relief from cold starting, as the entire underside of the car is still subject to cold air. Car Covers are really designed to protect the exterior of the car. A better solution to aid in cold starts would be an engine block heater.

1995 Pontiac Firebird Why do I have problems starting it when it's cold?

check your erg valve.

How can you tell if your coolant sensor is bad What are some of the signs?

Poor starting due to over rich mixture (hot engine) Poor starting due to weak mixture (cold engine) Cooling fan(s) coming on when the engine is cold Sensor can be checked using an ohm meter if you have the data.

Why would a 91 Corsica rev high and jerk when starting off or going up hill?

it sounds like clutch problems to me. i have an automatic that does that to me on really cold days

Peugeot 406 saloon 1996 engine cuts out when starting from cold when warm the car runs fine no problems whatsoever?

have you managed to sort this problem out as i have the same problem with mine and i cant seem to fix it thanks

Can you run a 1998 Dodge Durango without a thermostat?

Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.

Can the cold make your car not start?

Yes if ur car has many or some sort of engine problems

What would cause juddering noise on car?

cold engine

How does a fouled PCV valve effect the engine?

pcv rerouts exhaust air to the air filter,it functions by opening and closing relative to rpm, as rereouted exhaust could lean the mixture. so the engine could develop cold starting problems and backfire while decelarating

Can a dirty fuel filter cause hard starting when engine is HotBut not cold?

yes, it happened to me once