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A bad starter. A loose connection @ the terminal ends-the battery cables-the starter solonoid-IF IT has Rubber covers around the battery ends corrosion from battery acid could cause it.EVEN a bad ground on the engine from the battery 2 the frame.(battery cables) The battery cable ends could be corroded and should be cleaned. The next step would be to check the starter selenoid and then the starter.

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Q: Why would a car just click when trying to start other than the cause of a bad battery?
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Why does your car battery click but not start?

Batteries don't "click," but other parts do. If you're hearing that "click," it's probably the starter solenoid trying to engage. Either the battery's charge is low, the starter solenoid has failed, or the starter motor itself has failed. On some older cars, especially Fords, the "click" could also be a remote starter relay.

Using a AAA Battery Charger?

Have you ever wondered how you can benefit from a AAA battery charger? Make sure that the batteries you are trying to charge in it are actually rechargeable. Other batteries can cause a fire risk because they are not designed to be placed into a battery charger. Look at the side of the battery to find out if it can be recharged.

What can cause car starting problems other than a bad or low battery?

try checking the battery cables

Does a dirty battery cause it to die?

no it doesn't Corrosion on the top of a car battery can allow electrical flow from one post to the other which will drain the battery.

Could something other that alternator cause battery to drain on 2005 C180 Kompressor?

Yes, a dead cell in the battery or something is on drawing power from the battery.

Could the starter cause the battery to drain?

no , only the concrete and other cemented floors ....

When you turn the key to start the dash lights go out and engine does not turn over and the solenoid does not click with a good battery.?

The battery power is not reaching the starter. You have other problems...

Can any car barttery work in any other car? long as the cold cranking amps and voltage are at least that of the battery you took out of the car you are trying to replace the battery to.

Does it damage a car battery to keep jumping other people's cars?

Not really. If it is done correctly and you have your engine running at the time it probably won't hurt your battery. Do be careful though not to try to jump something that requires more than your battery can put out. For instance a battery for a 4 cylinder trying to jump a large V-8 may cause the smaller battery to overheat. Check the top of the battery for the cold cranking amp rating (CCA) and if you are within 50 cca you should be OKAY.

Can a battery be jumped from a truck or does it have to many amps?

better to jump a small battery with a big one. The other way (trying to jump BIG battery with a small one) may result in smaller battery being too weak to do the job or damage to the small battery. The scenario as you have described it is OK.

Why do your 1996 olds 88 makes clicking sound when trying to start it?

Low voltage from the battery, can be caused by a faulty battery or an alternator that isn't functioning properly. Bad starter Corroded battery connections or other electrical connections.

Why wouldn't your straight talk phone turn on?

The battery may be dead or simply might have been ruined by a drop or other accidental damage. Try charging the battery first before trying other methods of reviving your phone.

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