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Why would a car just click when trying to start other than the cause of a bad battery?


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2004-12-18 22:37:00
2004-12-18 22:37:00

A bad starter. A loose connection @ the terminal ends-the battery cables-the starter solonoid-IF IT has Rubber covers around the battery ends corrosion from battery acid could cause it.EVEN a bad ground on the engine from the battery 2 the frame.(battery cables) The battery cable ends could be corroded and should be cleaned. The next step would be to check the starter selenoid and then the starter.


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Batteries don't "click," but other parts do. If you're hearing that "click," it's probably the starter solenoid trying to engage. Either the battery's charge is low, the starter solenoid has failed, or the starter motor itself has failed. On some older cars, especially Fords, the "click" could also be a remote starter relay.

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no it doesn't Corrosion on the top of a car battery can allow electrical flow from one post to the other which will drain the battery.

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Yes, a dead cell in the battery or something is on drawing power from the battery.

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