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Two thoughts come to mind; 1- it could be the serpetine belt (not common but possible) 2- You could have bad bearings in the motor. I would see an expert asap! on this one.

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โˆ™ 2005-03-22 03:07:27
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Q: Why would a car make a screeching noise when it shuts off?
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Why do they make that sound?

a screeching noise

What kind of noise would a bad bearing make in a 2002 cavalier?

Its kind of a grinding screeching metal on metal noise.

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Do brakes make a noise when not braking?

Yes, they make a screeching sound.

Why would a car make a screeching noise only when in motion?

probably got a loose alternator belt..

Your stater makes a very loud screeching noise when you start it your car is a 91 olds cutless surprem?

why does my starter make a loud screeching noise when i start it?

How do I fix a screeching noise in my 2011 dodge ram pickup?

I have a screeching sound in my pick up when it gets up to 2000 rpms. Does not make the noise while idling and starts fine.

Why do the belts make noise?

If it is a loud screeching noise it is because they are loose and need to be tightened up, and or they are old and worn out

Why would a new starter make a screeching noise when started on a 1991 Buick LeSabre?


Why does your conversion van make a screeching noise when you change gears?

the clutches in torque converter

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more detail required, what are you doing to cause this and where does the noise/ smell come from?

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you will hear a loud screeching noise from where the starter is trying to engage with the flywheel...if these cogs are worn the starter will slip and make this noise.

Why would the car make a screeching noise when it comes on?

If it is not your belt, check your pulleys and tensioner. It also depends on what type of vehicle you have. Sometimes the idler pulley will screech. Hope this helps.

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Why does your Pontiac make a loud screeching noise when you turn?

It could be a power steering belt that is wore or stretched. If no luck with the power steering belt check the pulley.

Should there be a noise on a new power steering pump for 500 miles or less?

I just got a new power steering pump and my car is making a screeching sound, even after I changed the belts. What noise does yours make

Why does electric door lock on 2003 Grand Caravan start make a screeching or buzzing noise when you lock or unlock car?

The door lock actuator is going bad.

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