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if the car is rear wheel drive, sounds like a u-joint. If it is front wheel drive, sounds like a cv joint. It could also be your engine mounts wearing out. If the rubber insulation has worn out then the engine will shift slightly against the mount and make a clunking noise. This happened on my 96 Nissan Quest minivan.

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Q: Why would a car make a somewhat loud 'clunk' noise when accelerating from a stop?
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What would make a whinning noise when accelerating a 2004 Pontiac gran prix?

your wife

What would cause 94 explorer front clunk?

It depends on when you hear the noise, but it likely a joint in the front wheel drive unit.

What could cause a loud noise when accelerating but stops after it goes from 1 gear to 2 gear?

Gun shots from a drive-by ought to do the trick. But the magazine capacity would have to be somewhat small, or the cyclic rate quite high.

Why would your minivan make noise when accelerating?

If it's a type of clunking noise, check your gearbox. If it's some kind of rattling, check your hubcaps.

What would make a noise in the front driver side only when coasting not when accelerating the noise goes awaywhen you even touch the gas pedal?

It would help to specify the type of noise and type of vehicle in question.

What would cause engine noise on 97 dodge caravan only when ac or defroster is on and only when accelerating?

Loose belt - will sound like a screeching noise.

What would cause a louder then normal noise when accelerating and idling in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Could be your timing belt.

What would cause a grinding noise in 03 Renault megane when accelerating?

could be a wheel bearing...or just that its a french car

What would cause a loud noise on a 1992 3.9L Dodge Dakota when letting off the accelerator?

If it's a clunk sound, check universal joint bearings and drive shaft bolts. Otherwise please describe noise.

What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning left?

If you operate a front wheel drive vehicle, the clunking noise you hear may be a CV joint bearing going bad.

What would cause a chirping noise while accelerating coming from the wheel area?

If the chirping noise speeds up as the truck speeds up, check the u-joints in the drive line.

Why would there be a whistling noise when your 2003 impala idles Upon accelerating the noise goes away.?

The most common cause of the whistling in a 2003 Impala is a vacuum leak. Any of the lines under the hood could be causing the noise.

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