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Why would a car not start after being parked uphill?


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2015-07-17 17:47:08
2015-07-17 17:47:08
NewMost people overlook the small things, sometimes when putting the car in park uphill it doesn fully enage the neutral safety switch, it just happens. Turn the ignition to on and hold on the brake and pull it out of gear and the push it back into park with a little more force. Try starting it now in neutral or park. If it starts hooray. if not then theres other possible problems such as fuel, etc.

That's a good one. I would try parking on a level surface. hook up a fuel pressure gauge and a noid light to check for spark. then jack the rear end up to the similar angle you park it on and have the problem. Then crank (turn over means the same) the engine and see what happens. If it doesn't start you will be able to tell if it is spark or fuel that is missing, and trouble shoot from there. I do empathize with the mechanic's feeling regarding the aftermarket warranty company. I truly hate dealing with most of them as they don't want to cover many things that are part of a job,including time to find what is wrong, they want to dictate what they will pay. Getting paid from them is usually a pain, too. I only care to deal with a company called heritage warranty.


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No, if the car was shut off and cool, which it would have been by then. You did not try to start the car. It would have had to have been a random act of vandalism to get the car on fire.

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Closely examine the entire length of the fuel line to see if there are ANY pinhole fuel leaks. Even the slightest amount of fuel seepage will result in a vacuum leak and that would cause the fuel line to suck air when the vehicle is facing uphill. If it's a small leak the action of the fuel pump could eventually overcome the leak, driving any trapped air out.

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