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I'd need a little more information on that one. E-mail me at: and we can discuss the details. Age of vehicle, is it injected or carburated, how many miles, when was the last tune-up, is it using oil, have you run a compression check... Let's see where this goes after I get some more information.

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Q: Why would a car not start after the first turn of the ignition but after the second turn?
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Can you cut your catalytic converter off your dodge Dakota 1998?

It would not be a good idea. First it is illegal, second it can actually cause the computer to over adjust fuel and ignition timing and cause running issues.It would not be a good idea. First it is illegal, second it can actually cause the computer to over adjust fuel and ignition timing and cause running issues.

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Why would a car not start or turn over?

Check your battery first, and if not your starter or ignition switch, after that, it's something more serious.

Why would everything be powered but the car will not start?

Ignition or ignition switch could be bad or the selanoid could have went out

Will trying to insert the door key into the ignition ruin the ignition if the ignition key has a chip?

Well, I don't see that it would help it any! There are 2 keys for a reason! Why would you want to insert the door key in the ignition? It surely won't start the vehicle! Unless the ignition is already screwed up and can start with anything! The tumblers in the the locks for the ignition and doors are different! It would be like putting your house key in the car! Won't work!

Would a push start ignition button work on a 99 vw jetta?

yes as long it was weird to the ignition so when the button is push it would start the car just like turn the key

Your coil is good but truck won't start would it be the ignition modual?

more than likely is the ignition module. What year?

What is the ignition timing for a 302 Windsor?

This is the amount of time that it takes the ignition to start. This information would be present in the users manual.

Why wont your 1991 camaro start it cranks over but wont run?

the first thing I would check is, fuel, spark, coil, ignition module

What would cause a 97 Chevy silvorodo to start when you first turn the key but if you don't get it to start the first try the fuel pump shuts off and you have to what a few hours until it will start?

I own a 95 GMC and had similar troubles - It turned out to be the ignition switch was bad.

Why will car ignition not turn over on the first attempt but will on the second?

I would suspect you have an ignition switch going bad, a starter solenoid that may be going bad or more than likely corroded or loose battery cable connections. Check the battery post connections first.

What would cause a 2001 Silverado to start then instantly die?

ignition module

Your electrical outlets in 2004 dodge caravan se won't work they both start by ignition could it be a fuse?

The fuse would be the first place to check.

Your 1985 Toyota pickup turns over but won't start has no fire from coil wire?

first i would check your coil, if its good, check your ignition switch.

Would relay cause car not to start on 1993 940 Volvo?

yes and ignition relay would..

When I start my 1995 Pontiac Transport 3800 the heater fan and wipers do not work unless I turn the ignition key up.?

i would change the electrical part of your ignition switch- i would change the electrical part of your ignition switch-

Why would a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt not start?

after replacing the stearing colum what would cause it not to start. You may have disconnected the ignition switch.

Why would a ford 292 engine fire but not run?

If it is a points type ignition, and it will start, then die immediately, I would first check the ballast resister. If it checks out, then the condenser would be my next item to try replacing.

Why is there no power to your fuel pump fuse 1984 Chevy Celebrity?

I would expect that the power for the fuel pump would be supplied through the ignition switch so I would start there, that is check the ignition switch.

Why does an engine run on after turning off key?

I had the same problem with my 1967 impala. It was the ignition. There where melted wires. so it would not shut off. That would be the cheapest and first place I would look at. it would start but not shut off.

Why won't the 2000 Ford Windstar not start all of the time?

Well the first thing i would check is the battery if the engine is not cranking, if it is cranking the you would probally check the ignition system[spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil] next you would check the fuel lines/injectors/pressure.

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What would be a good place to start to figure out a 1994 cadillac sts No start due to anti-theft?

The ignition key chip

Why would a 1990 olds 98 lose power while going down the road then die and start up again drive a little more way then die and not start again?

Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects. Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects.

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