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The clicking noise that you hear is the starter solenoid trying to get the starter to run. Chances are the bendix in the starter is locked up. A good fix for a locked up bendix is a few good taps with a hammer. This should free up the bendix.

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Q: Why would a car only make a clicking noise and not turn over when you turn the key?
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Car is only making a clicking noise Chrysler?

If the Chrysler is only making a clicking noise and will not start, check the starter. Also check the alternator, and the battery. The starter solenoid is more than likely the reason the car is clicking and not starting.

Why does a 2000 Mercury Cougar only make a clicking noise when trying to start if the battery was checked and is ok?

Needs a new starter

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Car only make clicking noise when you try to jump start battery?

clean the battery terminals with baking soda and water. them jump it

Why do you have a clicking noise only when you let off the gas even after you've changed the axle and the differential gears?

A clicking noise is not a common sound for a bad ring and pinion or axle bearings. Use electronic chassis ears (denlors ste6600) to help pinpoint the source of the noise. U-joints in the driveshaft could make a clicking noise although it should click or make more noise on acceleration. I know you said it didn't, but listen REALLY carefully, and if it's still there when you are hitting the gas it could be your struts or your wheel bearings.

What would cause a clicking noise only when lights are on and engine does not start?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Starter solenoid?

Why would the horn only make a clicking sound on a 1997 Escort?

check your fuse. i had the same problem. that might be it. I doubt a fuse, the clicking is probably the horn relay that you hear. Fair chance the horn or connection at the horn is the problem. The clicking noise is the relay, and since it is clicking I doubt that your switch is bad, so check the fuse and also check the horn (hook it to the battery).

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What is wrong when you turn the key and it only makes a clicking noise and doesn't start?

your starter motor is stuck.

Why would a 2001 Buick Century have a ticking sound that is only noticeable when the car is idling?

A ticking or clicking sound is probably lifter noise, the valves need adjusting

What would make a noise in the front driver side only when coasting not when accelerating the noise goes awaywhen you even touch the gas pedal?

It would help to specify the type of noise and type of vehicle in question.

My car won't start it will only make a clicking noise What could be wrong?

More than likely the battery is to weak to start the engine. If it's not the battery, the starter may be the culprit.

How come your F150 will not start it only clicks when you turn the key?

I would have to hear the noise to be sure but it sounds like the attery could be weak. The clicking you here may be the starter solenoid trying to engage, but it cant, because of a lack of electrical power. If that is the case, the clicking will probably be a rapid clicking noise, that might sound like a woodpecker. The salanoid switch or the battery could be bad. Also make sure you have good clean tight connections. Sometime you have to disconnect the electric cables and clean them with sand paper. Then reconect them.

What would make a rubbing noise on a 1994 tempo when the wheel is turned all the way only in one direction and not the other?

If this vehicle has a transaxle, the bearing can be bad and make this type of noise.

Why is my 2000 eclipse gt making a clicking noise in front only when I'm not stepping on the gas?

CV Joints cause this.

Why would a car make a screeching noise only when in motion?

probably got a loose alternator belt..

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If you accidenty get the yellow/red striped wire and the red/violet wire mixed up or backwards,the trim will only make a clicking noise!

What is the noise that a bad alternator will make?

If bearings go bad on a alternator/ will make a grindind noise or long squilling noise.. but if only electronic's inside alternator are damage no noise wil be heard

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Why would a truck make a wobbling noise when wheels are in motion?

It is difficult to say from your description, but it might be either a bent rim, or a Tire with Ply Separation in the sidewall or tread. However, if there is only a noise, and no FEELING of the wobble, then I would not think these are the causes. In a NOISE ONLY situation, the sound could be from a bad wheel bearing.

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What would cause a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT to make a funny sound only when turning to the right?

Could be a bad CV joint. It would make a popping noise.

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