Why would a car smell like gas while its running?

Smell of Gas

Here is advice and input:
  • Using a good flashlight start at the tank check the tank and all fuel lines carefully working your way to the filter and on up to the engine. Check the areas directly around the fuel injectors where an o-ring could leak. The fuel may be evaporating quickly, you may want to do this while it is running.
  • I recently had the same problem. It started out with just the smell of gasoline. As time went by, I noticed a leakage. Gas leakage. At first the garage told me it was the fuel sender that needed replacing, after a month or so, it was the gas tank, fuel sender and fuel line - it ended up costing me $600.00 Canadian. Although, I will probably save that much in gas over the next few months. Do you also smell the gas when you get out of the car? If so, you will need to get this taken care of. Eventually you will.
  • Over the period of 3 months, I smelled fuel now and then but blamed it on other cars in front of me. In the third month it happened more often and the "check engine" light came on intermittendly when accelerating or stopping. By the end of month 3, my whole gas tank suddenly emptied itself within 5 minutes. It is no fun to see the gas tank meter go down to zero in a blink, have a baby on board and find yourself way out in the neck of the woods. The fuel line broke above the filter. Don't wait too long.
  • More than likely it will be a cheap, do-it-your-self-fix-it. It could be the fuel pressure regulator.

Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector; Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Punctured or damaged fuel tank; Loose or poorly connected fuel pump; Gas in gas can in trunk. = IN ADDITION TO THAT ANSWER, PONDER THIS... CARS HAVE A VACUUM FUEL CANISTER THAT MAY INCORPORATE A FILTER OF ITS OWN. I'M NOT SURE WHAT CONDITION MAKES THIS TANK TAKE ON FUEL (ITS AN OVERFLOW TANK, OF SORTS). HAVE THESE ITEMS CHECKED BY A MECHANIC YOU TRUST. HOPE THIS HELPS ! ! !

if you can smell gas whether the car is running or NOT that means you have a leak in your fuel system if it was not a leak, you would not smell it when not running . first thing is check under vehicle after overnight parking and see if there is fuel on the ground if there is , this will give you a starting point where to look for gas leak