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Why would a car smoke when it idles?


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2015-07-17 17:38:01
2015-07-17 17:38:01

I am no mechanic but with my problems with my car all everybody told me is there are several things you can do to stop it:

Get a fuel injection flush.

You have a lot of carbon build-up, try getting your car on the open highway. What you will be doing is blowing all the old carbon out and it should run better after that.

Your car might be getting too much gas at idle, OR your oil pump isn't working correctly. Which means the pump is putting too much oil to the cylinders when you idle.

Worn Valve guides (seals) cause an engine to smoke at idle, when the vacuum is strong enough to pull oil past the worn seals. Generally, the smoke will be bluish and will billow out when taking off after idling. I also have the same problem & I think it's my oil rings


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