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Why would a car stall when idling at a stop light?

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If the car runs fine while driving and cuts off ONLY when you are idling (foot completely off the gas pedal and RPM's at idle speed) then your idle air control valve my need adjusting or need to be replaced, or idle air passage make have been blocked off by excessive carbon build-up. If build-up is the problem, a good removal and cleaning will do the trick or an off the shelf spray cleaner may get the job done as well.

Could also be clogged fuel injection system. Try a fuel treatment with a full tank of gas.if a older model GM front wheel drive it could be the lock-up solenoid on the transmission. or it could be a stopped up catalytic converter on about any make and model.

First thing id do is check and change the fuel filter, its usually checked by blowing air through it (in the arrow direction) if no air flows through or it blows through slowly then its more than likely plugged change it and go from there. sometimes after all avenues have been followed and the problem still exists i have seen the sock on the fuel pump be plugged and do the same. it will run great while accelerating but stall at idle due to not enough fuel pressure.

It could be a problem with the car not getting enough fuel, or it may have something to do with one or more of the sensors, such as the Mass Airflow Sensor. Is your check engine light on? If it is then its most likely a faulty or dirty sensor.


Please chect the EGR valve to see if it is stuck open with a chunk of carbon. This will cause an internal vacumn leak and the car will not idle. To test the EGR valve (Exhaust Gas recirculation) pull it off and try to blow thru it. Also look to see if the EGR pintle is seated. If the car you are having the problem with is a Chrysler then the plate that seals the EGR will likely be completely missing. The fuel filter will not cause this problem as the fuel demand at idle is very low. A clogged Catalytic Converter will also not cause this problem.



AGREE! well kinda because i know for fact Catalytic Converter is not going to make your car do that. The most common reasons are :Idle Air Control Valve, Mas Air Flow Sensor or the EGR valve. Make sure the throttle body is clean. Use only Throttle Body Cleaner. Check your Air Filter make sure its not dirty. And try to Flush your engine every 100,000 miles.


If you are having problems with starting your car, the car stoles on you as you drive or come to a stop sing, the serive engine lights are on, then you have a problem with 2 sensors, camshaft & crankshaft. You need to replace them both. If you take to a mechaniv shop or dealeriship it will cost you between $300-$500.

I and a bunch of my friends had same problem. I fixed my car and my friends car, and then friends of my friends started to call and I began to fix this problem for them at 50% cost less than of a shop/dealer.

If you live in Toronto or GTA, please call me now at 647-831-2102 . The car must be cold in order to work on it, so it is better that I come to your place. It is a dangerous problem and you should fix it right away.

Call now 647-831-2102



I had this same problem in my 1992 Buick LeSabre several years ago. The problem is: Fuel Pressure Regulator. The reason this happens is that when driving at highway speeds, your engine reguires more gas. There should only be a vapor at low speed or idle. When the fuel pressure regulator is At Fault, too much gas is being dispensed, flooding your engine. My mechanic only charged me $100 for the part, but did not charge labor because it was easy to get to it. I went to Riches Auto in Tipton, IA and John fixed the issue. I took the car to European Automotive in Rolling Meadows twice and paid $80 both times, but he could not diagnose the problem. As a result, I have always gone to John at Riches Automotive. Anyway, check and replace the fuel pressure regulator. Let me know how this gets resolved. Thanks.

Ben Dreyer 515-779-6015

2010-11-10 00:40:33
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Why would your Dodge Durango stall when idling at a stop light?

Your Dodge Durango may stall when idling at a stop light for a couple of reason. One reason may be that a part needs to be replaced on the car.

Why would my 1984 dodge ram pick up truck stall at the light when you stop?

Why would my 1984 Dodge pick up truck stall at the light when I stop

Why does 2003 Toyota Sienna stall when idling?

2001 sienna stall while just stop while driving. electric just cut out power, then switch can operated but idling roughling

What would cause a 98 Bravada to stall at a stop sign or when backing out of driveway yet will not stall idling or in gear revved-up with brake on?

You need a tune-up

Why would my car almost stall and headlights flicker when I come to a stop... Fine when in park?

It is idling to low, it may be in need of a tune up.

Will a bad PVC cause the idle to go up and down about 200 RPMs and stall and die at a stop light?

A faulty PCV valve can certainly cause idling problems, especially after the engine has warmed.

My 1985 cougar stalls starts up just fine drives fine but when it gets hot it seems to stall when i have to idle at a light or stop at a stop sign.?

Check your IAC valve. Could be bad temp gauge. Could be idling too low.

What causes a car vibrate at light stop?

It is idling. This is hard for an engine to do smoothly.

Why would a car stall when you hit the breaks?

because if you stop immediately then the car will stall.

Why would your car volt amps drop while you stop at a light?

Engine is idling too slow or the alternator is weak. Or battery is getting tired.

Why would car sometimes run and idle fine but sometimes stall while idling with clutch in. low oil light also randomly comes on when shifting?

My car does the same thing, except for the low oil... from time to time when I come to a stop I'll push in the clutch and it will randomly stall... I think its b/c my idle is not set high enough, but there could be a different reason...

Chevy lumina 3.1 L eng stall in a stop light or it will stall whill in park?

new EGR valvie and it still stlls

What are the symptoms of a bad O2 sensor in a ford escape?

it will randomly stall at the stop light

Will an oxygen sensor cause a 1999 Oldsmobile aurora to stall at a stop light?

yes..a bad oxygen sensor can/will make your car stall at idle speed

Why would a Nissan Sentra stall when idling at a stop light?

This problem is in most cars, that is when running the AC on a hot day. There is a solenoid, or a solenoid and a valve to adjust the idle when the AC compressor kicks in so the engine will not die. My suggestion is check the vacuum hoses, as there is most likely one more more that are cracked or loose causing the problem.

What cause your 1985 caprice 305 motor to stall when you hit the gas at a stop light?

EGR problem

I own an 03 mercury sable ls and the check emission light has come on when i am idling at a red light or stop sign the car will stall if you dont put it in neutral and give it gas what could be wrong?

In my 03 mercury sable, I had the same problem and it was the PVC elbow hose. It had a huge hole in it and I saw online that this is a problem with the 24V sable.

When a car idles at stop light does that affect gas mileage?

There will be a slight difference in your total average, but unless you stayed in an idling position for extended periods of time then the overall average would have such a minute difference that it would be about the same.

Why would a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird shake and stall out when the engine gets hot?

Does it shake and stall when decellerating or at anytime? because mine seems to do that but its only when decellerating at a stop light or stop sign or whever and it dont always do it.. only after long drives. (1992 Pontiac Sunbird). It might be a bad EGR Valve.

Would the spark control modulator cause a vehicle to stop running when idling and not start back up?


Why would a Subaru Forester shake and stall when coming to a stop?

cause it's junk

What part can you buy to stop fast idling and pulsation idling?

change the mass air flow senser

When driving my car and i stop at a stop light or sign and i do not press the gas peddle immediately after i take my foot off the brake my car will stall Why is this?

could be transmission

Why would a 1996 Lincoln Continental stall at a stop light when warm but start right back up?

check all your vaccum hoses to make sure their tight and not hanging off.

Why would a 92 corsica stall or idle roughly when at or coming to stop?