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i had this problem on a older Ford it was the module in the bottom of the distributor and the same problem in a newer car and it was the module under the coil packs The last answer is correct. Although it could also be the coil pack. If the resistance is off a little bit, it will get worse as the vehicle heats up. It will then kick the auto shut down relay and your done till it resets. Check the module and the coil pack. Depending on the kind of vehicle you have it could be either or both if it's a GM car from the 1980s or 1990s the fuel filter can get clogged to the point where the engine will stall after it's warmed up even tho the fuel pump etc etc are all okay. it does this because the filter is is mounted low and it's filling up due to gravity when the car is off. this often happens on Firebirds/Camaros and can be quite a problem. try changing the fuel filter. ps The diagnostic computer will often fail to see the problem

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Q: Why would a car start and then die and not start again until cooled?
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What would cause a 1978 Thunderbird to run for about ten minutes then die and not start again until the engine has cooled down?

try replacing the ignition coil. after it hots, it starts breaking down and will not fire again until it cools off

Why will 84 cj7 start and run fine for awhile then cut out and cranks but does not turn over until cooled down?

check ur starter the internal metal brushed might be swelling up and stoping it from starting i had that happen on my old ford when oil driped in to the starter and when i would stop after the car was warm it would cut off and wouldn't start until the starter cooled when i replaced it, it never happened again.

What would cause a 2001 jeep wrangler's engine to shut off with no warning but it will start again when cooled?

you have a bad crank senser

What would cause my 1998 buick park avenue to start then shuts off after 15 minutes and wont start again?

My 92 PA had the same problem. After it cooled down it would start again. The crank and the cam sensors were found to be bad. These were replaced and I have had no problem since.

Grand Prix ignition shuts down after starting and running a short period will start back up and run fine until you shut it off and start it again why?

Ran into this same problem on my 1991 Grand Prix. Could drive it for awhile till it got up to normal operating temp. After that it would die again and would not start until cooled off. Turns out it was ignition control module. This part can be taken off and taken to an auto parts store to be tested. Once replaced, no more problems.

What would cause 1999 catera to stall once it reached normal operating temp them start again once cooled down?

I have the same problem. Let me know if you find out.

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Why would your 1999 Hyundai excel drive fine until warm then stall and not start again until it has sat for 15 to 30minutes?

your crank angle sensor playing up.

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F 150 shuts off in hot weather hard to crank until engine cools?

We had the exact same problem with one of our vehicles. It would start when the engine was cool, but once the engine got hot it just shut down. It wouldn't start again till the engine cooled. The problem was fixed by replacing the module under the coil packs. It has to be tested while still hot to be able to determine if it's the problem, once that module cooled it tested just fine, but was bad. Hope this helps!

Why would a car start and run then out of no where stop running and wont start but after awhile start like nothing is wrong?

Could be that the coil (or coil packs) is breaking down and fails when it gets hot and then works again when it has cooled slightly after a few minutes. A good garage would check this easily and quickly especially a main dealer for the car.

Why would my gauges go crazy and your 2001 ford windstar not start?

I had the same problem, also it would run but when it was hot, it would not start until the engine cooled down. my alternator was putting out 12.2 with no load, drew down to 11.9 with load, not dead but poor output. Changed the alternator and the problem went away.

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Why will a 2004 dodge Intrepid not start after driving a short while?

Have a 98 2.7 litre that would do that. Before doing anything else, replace ASD relay in engine compartment fuse block (diy $12). Would start fine cold, but often would not start after shutting off when engine was warm. Had to wait until engine compartement cooled off. Was getting fuel but no spark.

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Why would a 1991 olds cutlass ciera not start after engine gets hot until the engine has cooled off a bit?

I have a 92 cutlass ciera doing that, would run til it got hot, then die...ended up being the crank shaft sensor. hope this helps

My 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe will not run unless you pour gas in the throttle body.Why would it start and run fine until you turn it off and not restart again?

I would start with replacing the fuel filter. Also they are bad about fuel leaks from the fuel pressure regulator.

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