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If the car cranks but will not start except in a cold only start situation (consistent), the condition could be caused by a failure in the fuel injection system, most FI equipped cars have a separate cold start circuit allowing the engine to start using the fuel supplied during this circuits operation which can last between 1.5 through 5 minuets depending upon make model and temperature both engine and ambient. This type of failure could be caused by the ECM (electronic control module) or a bad temp sensor, it could not be caused by a clogged fuel filter because this type of system generally shares the same supply system (i.e.: fuel pump, filters and lines.)

If the car cranks and starts cold and then after driving and stopping the engine will not crank (intermittent or constant) you may have a heat soak condition which will require the replacement of the starter / solenoid assembly. This is generally cause by armature windings and the magnets that surround the binding due to bearing ware and heat and is not caused by the solenoid.

Solenoid replacement tip - Most cars after 1970 except for the erroneous Ford or Chrysler product do not have a separate solenoid - though in most cases the separate service of a solenoid is possible by the time you remove a starter that has the same or more run time as the solenoid why would you?

Generally a battery failure becomes more evident during a cold start so the likelihood of the condition being caused by a battery is slim.

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Check the solenoid and the starter. The battery charges itself through the alternator while you're driving. If the battery were the culprit you wouldn't be able to start the car no matter how long you waited until you had it jump started. If the radio, headlights, windshield wipers etc work but the engine doesn't even try to turn over (silence when you turn the key) it's probably the starter or solenoid. the solenoid uses low current from the ignition switch (keys) to complete a higher amperage circuit for the starter. If it isn't the starter or solenoid check for loose or burned wires from the battery to the starter, and check all fuses and fuesable links in the starting system. A good wiring diagram can be found in the proper chiltens repair manual for your vehicle.

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Q: Why would a car start only when its cold?
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How to start car in cold?

A car that is working properly should start the same regardless of cold.

Why is it difficult to start your car when it is cold?

The cold weather makes it harder for the battery to provide amperage to start the car.

What would cause a car not to start in cold weather?

Have your battery tested. It could have a bad cell in it or not enough cold cranking amps. This is a simple fix. Batteries usually start about $40+. That is what I would do.

What is Warm start and cold-start?

warm start is when your car has already been started an is hot, a cold start is wheen you have just started the car for the first time of the day, or month....

Car will not start in cold weather?

batteries are rated by their number of cold cranking amps or CCAs the battery you have in your car is either bad or does not have enough CCAs to start a cold engine

Why would a car start when cold but then wont start after its been running for a while?

in most cases a bad crank sensor or cam sensor

Why would a car start in the afternoon but not in the morning?

A car may start better in the afternoon, because the heat of the sun has warmed up the engine. Once a car has sat over night, it may be difficult to start in the morning because the engine is cold.

Why would a car only ignite but not start?

Because your batery does not have much energy to make the car roar to life.

Why is it hard for a car to start when the engine is cold?

It is not so much hard for a car to start when the engine is cold as it is easier for a car to start when the engine is warm.Cars that are hard to start in the cold are usually not new cars any more and because of wear and tear there is more likely to be something that doesnt work as well. when fuel is warm it ignites more easily.

What would you do if your car does not start?

I would get in my other car

Your car will not start in the morning it turns over and al the power work s fine but it takes almost 10 turns of the key to get the car started it starts fine in the afternoon though Any thoughts?

There could be many reasons why a car has an issue starting in the morning but not the afternoon. The most common start is that the battery has an issue with cold start, and would need to be replaced with a battery that does have a cold start option.

Would a busted throttle cable cause a car to not run?

It would start and run but only idle. It would not be drivable.

Why would a car start only with starting fluid and then die?

Fuel pump problem

Why is your car climate control only hot or cold?

Your car climate control is only hot or cold because these are the two most common options. When it is cold out, the heater is ran and when it is hot out, the air conditioner helps make the car cooler.

Will a car start if the radiator fan doesnt work?

The car will start. If it is malfunctioning, then the car will overheat. If the car overheats, it may not start again for awhile as a safety feature, or it may not start because of heat damage. On newer cars if the car is cold, then the electric fan will turn off. It only turns on when the antifreeze needs cooling. On older belt-driven fans, the fan runs all the time.

Car wont start in cold weather?

If a car won't start in cold weather it is possible that the valve guides have been worn. This often happens in cars that have been using ethanol as a primary fuel.

Would a faulty crankshaft cause your car to not start?

Only if it was broke in half and that is very doubtful.

Why does the car shake and once turned off when its cold like in the morning or after work but not when it has been running?

The car shakes because your engin has been cold and you sudenly start the car it will shake

How cold does it have to be before your car wont start?

around 30 or 40

Why are locks acting up and car won't start?

too cold!

Can the cold make your car not start?

Yes if ur car has many or some sort of engine problems

Why is car temperature gauge reading cold whilst you are driving?

at the beginning it will be cold, but it will warm up as you start driving

Why wont my car start in the cold but it will in the heat?

try checking your battery usually it is the lack of cold cranking amps

Is it safe to eat pasta with chicken and a spicy cream sauce that was left in a car overnight?

Only if the car was as cold as a refrigerator. Otherwise, the food would not be safe to eat.

Why does your car only start in neutral?

Your safety switch is probably out of adjustment. The safety switch makes certain the car will only start in park or nuetral to keep it from starting and ramming into something. On a manual transmission it would be no big deal because the clutch would be in but on an automatic trans whooops....